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11/29/22 at 18:28:40 

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Using the switcher with two turntables (Read 4291 times)
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Using the switcher with two turntables
11/07/17 at 15:09:40
I have a decware phono pramp with step up inside....I'm adding a turntable with mono rig to my system ....can I run the tables to the switcher and then to the phono pre. ....both cartridges are low output
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Re: Using the switcher with two turntables
Reply #1 - 11/07/17 at 16:44:10
My sense is that running a tiny signal through a switch might be an issue compared to running a large signal.  So, switching the TTs that way wouldn't be ideal.  I take it that your TT doesn't have a SME headshell that you could use to swap between Mono and Stereo carts?  Maybe just swapping the interconnects from TT to TT would be a better solution if you really need two TTs?
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Re: Using the switcher with two turntables
Reply #2 - 10/10/18 at 03:11:05
I just bought a used ZSB and I get a hum when I use it between my turntable and ZP3. I opened it up and it has resistors on the dual set of inputs. What is the difference between the low level version and the line level version?
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