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SE34I.2+ as my bedroom amp... (Read 5574 times)
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SE34I.2+ as my bedroom amp...
08/06/15 at 10:48:01
Hi folks,

I just wanted to share my recent experience with my SE34I.2+.  I have this amp since 2011 when I moved from Brooklyn, NY to Istanbul, Turkey.  When I moved I oredered some high-efficiency Omega speakers but I was never happy with the outcome, as the bass was always lacking.  Even with a Dali subwoofer, I was not satisfied much; maybe since I am a bass player, I would like to hear more bass than most!  Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to do any room treatment as the system was in the living room.  Lots of tube rolling yielded only slight improvement.  

Upon this, I brought my TORII mkII from Brooklyn and used it for quite some time, but somehow I still was not satisfied with the bass most probably due to the speakers and I sold the whole system and moved on to a Copland push-pull amp and a pair of ProAc speakers.

In the meantime, the SE34I.2+ was still at home and I even took pictures to sell it.  Somehow, I did not have the courage to do it, and at one point, I converted it into a headphone amp by adding some resistors at the outputs.  However, later on, I decided to move onto a TABOO mkIII and the SE34I.2+ was retired one more time.

Just last week, I decided to set up a system in my bedroom for late night listening while reading.  I picked a pair of Rega RS-1's (desktop speakers with 89-90 dB efficiency).  I am streaming music from my Mac Mini via an Apple TV and it is optically connected to a Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100.  The cables are all DHLabs.  As the 6N2P's I used to use the amp with had high gain, I switched back to 6N1P's for less volume (as 6 watts per channel into 89-90 dB speakers is quite high for late night listening, I needed the 2.1dB less gain).  The volume is still too high but I like the headroom and how easily the SE34I.2+ can drive the Rega's.

The last few nights, I have listened to Bartok String Quartets (by Vegh Quartet),  Beethoven piano sonatas (by Wilhelm Kempff), Shostakovich Preludes and Fugues (by Daniel Barenboim), and some Steve Kuhn.  I am so happy to put the SE34I.2+ back to work!  I hope I won't consider switching to an SE84, which I am already having the itch for!  Otherwise, the SE34I.2+ will retire one more time and I am not sure if it can take that anymore!  :)  The SE84 would cut the volume by more than 3 dB's and I might really like that.  Furthermore, I have always liked SV83s (or EL84s) over EL34s (or similar)...

Anyway, I have been very happy with the outcome so far, and I just wanted to share it with you folks...


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