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08/10/22 at 06:37:00 

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Straight into my SE84CS (Read 1993 times)
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Straight into my SE84CS
07/18/12 at 04:29:44
For the first time since I built my amp, I plugged my DAC straight into the rear inputs and bypassed my ARC pre-amp and used the volume control on the SE84CS. Yep, sounds flipping great. Of course 2 watts does run out of steam into 90 Db/w 1Meter speakers, playing Genesis louder than normal, but MAN that sounds GOOD. Time to get on the path. Been thinking of selling the ARC pre and the NYAL amp and other items, getting the Torii III and phono/step up from Decware for a long time now, reading all the online info on the amp and phono. Time to move!!! Steve, thank you (and your team) for shining a light on the path of musical enjoyment, getting off the psycho audiofool bandwagon. Time to place those ads..... Chris
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