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05/11/21 at 02:16:05 


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Use with external headphone amp (Read 3038 times)
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Use with external headphone amp
11/13/11 at 12:06:07
I will be using some recently-acquired headphones (Audio-Technica ATH-M50S) and a recently-ordered standalone headphone amplifier. Was thinking about getting a CSP2+ to use as a preamp.  If it turns out I prefer the standalone headphone amp over the Decware and decide I just want to use the Decware as a regular preamp, what is the best way to hook up a headphone amp to it given that there is no tape out?

I thought about ordering an additional output and running that into the headphone amp with the Decware's volume cranked up but would prefer a regular tape out that doesn't go thru the volume control of the Decware.  I need a big transisitor amp so getting a TABOO as well won't work for me.  I am starting to have a brain cramp about this so have I missed some easier option?  Aside from headphones I normally only use one input (CD) and one output (to power amp)
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Re: Use with external headphone amp
Reply #1 - 11/13/11 at 19:56:51

Just hook up your unit to the output of the CSP2+ and turn the volume control all the way up.  Then use the output level controls to dial in the right amount of gain to happily feed your unit.  Having the CSP2+ turned up a bit higher than normal will add dynamics and weight to the music.  Just as having the CSP2+ turned down quite a bit and your unit turned up higher will do the opposite.  This ability to manipulate the frequency balance and find the "perfect" level that your unit likes by using your ears is something that is not possible with a fixed output.

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