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08/10/22 at 06:41:44 

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How do I tell the difference between Se84 A B and (Read 3492 times)
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How do I tell the difference between Se84 A B and
03/24/09 at 15:03:55
Hi - I have a SE84CW #450 made in June 01 - I was wondering how to tell if it was a A B or C revision, and if it had a hammond type mains transformer or a decware version.  I think se84 C was produced from 2000 onwards but I read on the net that some se84CW`s had the old type transformer.  If someone could please help me identify my model it would be greatly appreaciated. Chris
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Re: How do I tell the difference between Se84 A B
Reply #1 - 03/25/09 at 14:29:18
Okay, I'm NOT an expert.  But. . . if it's a CW then it should be a C revision.  The serial number would indicate that as likely as well.

I bought amp #27, an original Zen amp before any revisions. Shortly after mine was made, very shortly because I think I remember someone posting #29 as the first Revision A amp, the A Revision was launched.  This was I think twelve years ago.  I sent mine in for a (free!) upgrade to Revision A, and it has remained a Revision A amp.

That's as helpful as I can be.  I'm sure Steve will set you straight.
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