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07/03/20 at 18:30:09 


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Zen Open Baffle Array - Part IV (Read 4315 times)
Steve Deckert

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Zen Open Baffle Array - Part IV
10/27/08 at 16:38:01
The Zen Open Baffle project continues...


Previous parts can be found here:

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Re: Zen Open Baffle Array - Part IV
Reply #1 - 11/20/08 at 05:22:53
Steve wrote:With the exception of my Acoustats, never before have I seen such a wide gap between the sound quality of different sources and recordings.  This is consistent with past experiences in that when an audio system gets too good, the contrast between good and great recordings becomes so huge that you can only bear to listen to your great recordings - substantially reducing the content in your music library.


I like how these are coming along. I’m staying tuned.

I’ve been enjoying a pair of Alon Speakers (Model 2’s which are 3-way/part OB) for about a year now. It took a more powerful amp like the Torii to drive them, my Select just can’t do it but still they suffer a handicap due to their inefficiency.
I have my eyes out for an open baffle speaker like this that I can also be driven with my Select. There is a uniqueness to the Select that I like and miss sometimes.
I’m in new surroundings, have a new room to get together which is rather small. I still have my custom Select and Parker95 Sigs. I’m looking forward to listening to them again. My little Zen S with all its mods hasn’t sung in too long. I’d just like to hear her play through a different speaker like these OB’s.  
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Re: Zen Open Baffle Array - Part IV
Reply #2 - 11/23/08 at 20:52:12
I came across this project and am highly interested. The blending of the drivers between the mid/high and woofer is where I find fault in many of the OB setups I have tried. A fill in at the low end with my Alpha15's would be much more seamless with the  lower reach of this design.  Can hardly wait. Cool
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Re: Zen Open Baffle Array - Part IV
Reply #3 - 04/22/09 at 01:52:34
do  you  intend  to publish   a DIY  plan for this  design? I  was  on  the fence  about  building an open  baffle design  for a pair  of altec 755a  drivers.  the designer  has very  good  sound but  the surface is nearly three  foot square- hard  to place  a pair  of  those in a  room!
if  you have  measured  drawings i would sure  like to  have  a look at .. or purchase ... or beta  test... them
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Re: Zen Open Baffle Array - Part IV
Reply #4 - 10/23/09 at 01:08:37
Hi Steve,

Have you considered a thin wall construction for the resonance chamber?  Similar to some Saba enclosures seen here


I haven't had direct experience with listening to them, but you may be able to get an increase in bass output while incorporating other tweaks to the cabinet to offset any trade offs.

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