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04/03/20 at 11:05:57 


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Finished first attempt folded horn (Read 1169 times)
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Finished first attempt folded horn
02/22/07 at 11:57:05
"I just finished this project up about a week or so ago.  I must say I'm impressed.  I did a few mod's in the overall size.  I went 36x36x14.  Huge!  Ha.  I installed 2 phoenix gold 12" subs.  I had the box sitting in my driveway behingd my car so that I could test using one of my 5 Hi-fonics d amps.  I hooked this freaking huge crate up and just clicked it on with very small amout of juice.  I'm using Zapco and hi-fonics and all balanced of course.  Well friends, needless to say the first response was holy shit, wheres that sound comming from>????  but the thing was it wasn't sound it was a sort of movement in sound, this thing was so low that you couldn't hear it,  you felt it.  Ok...moving on.  Needless to say I went ahead and put my foot into it as it were and all I can say is F""""K ME.  A buddy came over and say he could hear me and knew it was me from...no lie, 2 blks away.  The next guy pulled up was a cop and at first was a little pissed off but then seen what the skinny was.  Well He ended hanging around for the personal sound-off and actually came all over himself and my system..Actually went to his freaking car and grabbed a cd so that (I think he said) see if a box like that could play his type of tunes.  LOLOLOL  I was totally shocked.  Anyway, enough story telling.  Steve?  I gotta say I have read some of your posts and you seem to be kinda nutts, ha ha  biut wow, very nice ideas with the sound engineering anyway>>>:)  thanks again for what you guys do.  Hope to chat again.  

Alpine head unit
1  Zapco SXSL
2  Zapco reference 1000.4
2   Hi-fonics BX1000d
3   Hi-fonics  Bx1800d
8  12" subs  sony -audiobahns-ect
6  10" woofers
ect ect ect
 just a few things in my 2002 Hyundai Santa fe.  Working on my own design enclosure currently that will house 8 12: subs in something that resembles a octigonal rubix spere.  each sub will fire down into the center of this sphere.  Quite alot of math and many hours with autocad.  But I'm getting close.


the cleaner the sound is the higher the volume can go....the sky is the limit  Peace!!!@
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