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08/10/22 at 05:43:26

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Opinions on DVC drivers (Read 6951 times)
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Opinions on DVC drivers
12/09/05 at 16:44:37
What do you guys think:

Audioibahn AW1006T 10" woofer
Dual 4-ohm Voice Coil
RMS 900 watts
Efficiency 95 dB
Xmax +/-19mm
Fs 35.2 Hz
Freq. Resp. 22Hz-500Hz
Qts 0.72
Qes 0.89
Qms 3.93
Vas (Liters) 12 Liters
Vas (Cu. Ft.) 0.42 Cu. Ft.
Re 3.0 ohms
Le 1.3 mH
Mmd 245 Grams
Sd 0.031 M2

i have a few amps i was going to use (one amp per driver), able to run 300W x2 at 4 ohm and 600W x1 at 8 ohms - would they be a good match? Should i wire the driver's voice coils together for an 8-ohm load, or should i keep each voice coil powered by a separate channel into 4-ohms?
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Some more drivers:
Reply #1 - 12/09/05 at 18:28:19
Audiobahn AWES10P
RMS 900 watts
Efficiency 90
Fs 30 Hz
Freq. Resp. 20Hz-500Hz
Qts 0.5
Qes 0.54
Qms 6.99
Vas (Liters) 20.18 Liters
Vas (Cu. Ft.) 0.71 Cu. Ft.
Re 3.6 ohms DVC
Le 3.75 mH
Mmd 146.44 Grams
Xmax +/-13mm
Sd 0.029

Audiobahn AW1000N
RMS 600 watts
Efficiency 91.1 dB
Fs 30.0 Hz
Freq. Resp. 23Hz-500Hz
Qts 0.41
Qes 0.44
Qms 5.3
Vas (Liters) 23 Liters
Vas (Cu. Ft.) 0.80 Cu.Ft.
Re 3.2 ohms DVC
Le 1.95 mH
Mmd 135 grams
Xmax +/- 12 mm
Sd 0.030 M2

Audiobahn AWIS10P
RMS 1500 watts
Efficiency 93 dB
Freq. Resp. 28Hz - 700Hz
Fs 58 Hz
Qts 0.475
Qes 0.51
Qms 7.59
Vas (Liters) 7.48 Liters
Vas (Cu. Ft.) 0.26 Cu. Ft.
Re 1.3 ohms x 4 (QVC)
Le 2.09 mH
Mmd 113.55 Grams
Xmax +/-12.5mm
Sd 0.032 M2

MMATS Audio P3.0 10
Power (Wrms) 700
SPL (1W/1M) 92db
Fs (Hz.) 29
Re Voice Coil (Ohms) 2 x 4
Vas (Liters) 47.5
Qts .11
Mounting Depth (inches) 5 7/8
Hole Diameter(inches) 11 1/8
Speaker Displacement (cuft.) .12

Power Acoustic FBX-10
600 Watts RMS
SPL 90dB
Fs: 40.3 Hz
130 oz. magnet
2" BASV voice coil
Vas: 0.7 cu.ft.
Qms: 5.31
Qes: 0.74
Qts: 0.6472
Xmax: 0.6"
Sealed box: .75 cu..ft.
Ported box: 1.5 cu..ft.
Tuning: 40 Hz.

Power Acoustic FUBAR-10W
600 Watts RMS
SPL 90 dB
Fs: 36.8 Hz
160 oz. magnet
2 BASV voice coil
Vas: 0.99 cu.ft.
Qms: 4.86
Qes: 0.51
Qts: 0.462
Xmax: 0.4"
Sealed box: .75 cu. Ft.
Ported box: 1.5 cu.. Ft.
Tuning: 40 Hz
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Re: Opinions on DVC drivers
Reply #2 - 12/10/05 at 09:05:46
don`t use it .
look for that brand on diverend forum . and you will see wy
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Re: Opinions on DVC drivers
Reply #3 - 12/13/05 at 18:30:18
diverend forum ? ? ?
and which brand are you refering to? Audiobahn?
at this point i am more interested in MMATS actually...
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Re: Opinions on DVC drivers
Reply #4 - 12/27/05 at 05:54:17
There is no reason to go with a company like audiobahn unless you get em for free or you actually have a bling meter next to your tachometer in your car. There are plenty of subs out there that will sound way better and be just as loud for the money.

With that said what are you trying to do with the set up (meaning car or home) and what is your goal. If you just want it go get loud and sound half good a ported box tuned in the upper 30s to mid 40s will do that with more spl than a WO (from what I've been told) but a WO will sound way better but take up far more space and weight. (note I've built two WO's)

Other drivers you might want to check out.

Anything from Image Dynamics
Diamond Audio D6's or 3's if you don't have much $
Anything from Adire Audio
Infinity Kappa perfects are great at 100 a pop on ebay
Stereo Integrity
Sound Splinter are amazing
Resonant Engineering are really built well and sound good too

-these companies take audio far more seriously than Audiobahn and their products show it. I have no idea about the matts though, prob good for beating on em and getting loud but their rep initially came from SPL cars
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Re: Opinions on DVC drivers
Reply #5 - 12/30/05 at 04:01:45
interested in building 8 of these for pa use - bass reinforcement... max spl is the key...

each driver must be capable of 600Wrms at 8-ohms, and have an SPL of at least 90db or more...
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Adrian D.
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Re: Opinions on DVC drivers
Reply #6 - 12/31/05 at 17:52:39
if spl is your goal, go for pa subs. those have much more sensitivity than car subs. you want to build wo32 or wo ?
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