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Message started by Kedros on 08/08/21 at 22:17:13

Title: Information needed on original SE34I
Post by Kedros on 08/08/21 at 22:17:13

Complete newb here,
I have been very fortunate enough to pick up an original SE34I. I have been trying to find as much information on it as i can but am coming up a little short. I still cant find the white paper of the original anywhere. Through one of the posts here I was able to find out that you can roll KT77's into them. So I was curious since it is self biasing if you could potentially run both EL34's and KT77's at the same time in either series or alternating order. Now I have found little information about this or if it's potentially harmful other than regarding guitar amps which seems doable. Does anyone have any information on this amp at all? or a copy of the original white paper on it? The manual still confuses me so you are really dealing with someone new. I am still learning the terminology of it all but Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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