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Message started by Art L on 05/14/21 at 12:30:48

Title: Speaker advice for Zen Triode
Post by Art L on 05/14/21 at 12:30:48

I've just ordered a Zen Triode amp (SE84UFO2 and want to also get some (relatively inexpensive) appropriate hi-efficiency speakers and would welcome some help.

So far, I am looking at these (all ~ $1K per pair:
Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-8000F
Sensitivity = 98db
Impedance = 12 ohm

Zu Omen Dirty Weekend
Sensitivity = 97db
Impedance = 12 ohm

Decware model DM945
Sensitivity = 94DB
Impedance = 6 OHM


Title: Re: Speaker advice for Zen Triode
Post by HockessinKid on 05/14/21 at 13:25:07


Tell us a bit about your listening space? Size, furniture, windows, listening distance, equipment positioning (tall rack in between speakers?)... This would be helpful in making a recommendation.


Title: Re: Speaker advice for Zen Triode
Post by Donnie on 05/14/21 at 15:31:55

DM945 is the choice there.

Decware amps like low impedance.

Title: Re: Speaker advice for Zen Triode
Post by Art L on 05/14/21 at 20:21:32

Listening space is small bedroom. 10x12 or so.
1 window, bed and dresser. Amp, cd plater, turntable on top of dresser.
Tall bookshelf on each side, speakers would be in the bookshelf - approx chest high (my chest, about 4.5 ft.
Listening position is not ideal - probably on one side of room, next to window, about 5 ft. from speakers.

Also, I read or heard somewhere that in addition to high sensitivity, higher impedance (10-16 ohm) is better for flea powered amps then low impedance. Is that true?


Title: Re: Speaker advice for Zen Triode
Post by HockessinKid on 05/14/21 at 20:41:23

So you have a small listening room with placement of speakers close to a rear wall on shelves.

I suggest you check out Omega's single driver offerings. They pair exceeding well with the Decware Zen amplifier. The Super 7 monitor is $995. Check out the speaker dimensions to see if it will fit.

If you decide to go this route, have Louis the owner configure the speaker with a front port not the normal rear port. Here is a link to additional information.


Title: Re: Speaker advice for Zen Triode
Post by armstdav on 05/15/21 at 04:27:27

I can speak only to the Zus. I'm on my third pair, and my current Druid Vs are the end end game for me, so count me as a fanboy.

That said, given your amp and room I would recommend against the Dirty Weekends. I won't go so far as to say Zu overstates their sensitivity, but my experience is that they love way more power than you would surmise from their specs. I started with an Almarro A205 with my Druid IVs, which have mostly the same drivers as the DWs in a different box, and while they sounded great at low volumes they ran out of steam quickly. I graduated to the Decware SE34i.2+ with Druid IV/08s, which were way better but still not quite up to the task with my prog stuff at the volumes I sometimes like. The Torii with the Druid Vs (I bought them as a package with a CSP3) were incredible with anything I threw at them.

Bottom line for me? The Zus sound way better with power, in spite of their specs.

The other issue is your 10x12 room. My original Zus were in a room that size and I ran them close to the walls, because with the low power amp the bass was better with them in the corners. After we moved I have a much bigger room and they sound WAY better moved out into the room, which really isn't possible in a 10x12 space. The Omegas with the front port may be a way better choice.

Title: Re: Speaker advice for Zen Triode
Post by EdwardT on 05/21/21 at 21:19:17

I tried my 945s on a stand 2' off the wall before I tried them in their Monolith pedestal and in my case the woofers really like loading some air impedance with better mid bass levels. You could probably achieve a similar result by using two inches of acoustic foam between the back and the bookcase…that's based on a guess your shelves are 12” deep and you'd leave off the grills. The 945s are 11” deep including the grill.

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