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Title: CSP2+ as pre with SS
Post by chapsjon on 01/04/21 at 13:06:09

Since I am currently stationed in Japan, I acquired a Pioneer Exclusive M4 50 W class A amp some time back. I found it at a Japanese 2nd hand store, so picked it up at considerably less than they typically go for. These were several thousand dollars when new in early 70s.
Since it is a stand alone amp, it requires a pre-amp. Thankfully, I have a CSP2+ that I have used at various times as a pre and headphone amp. While it still occasionally gets used at a headphone amp, it is now almost exclusively used with the M4. The combo is quite amazing. I absolutely love my Mini Torri for the bedroom system, but in the LR with 3 way Yamaha NS-500ma's, the M4/ CSP2+ combo absolutely rocks! Complete control from top to bottom. This can be difficult to find with bass. Here it is plentiful. Dynamic, powerful, imaging and sound staging that makes you look. Pure, incredible tone.
Just wanted anyone with quality SS amp looking for a great pre to know, I find it perfectly suited for the job.

Title: Re: CSP2+ as pre with SS
Post by armstdav on 01/05/21 at 02:29:43

When I had my CSP3 I used it for a while with my Audiosector Patek, and it was great combo. A CSP can make just about any amp sound good, SS or tube.


Title: Re: CSP2+ as pre with SS
Post by chapsjon on 01/08/21 at 00:06:02

I am sure you're right, the CSP2+ or 3 is just a fantastic pre, which is part of what I was hoping to help people understand. If you shop for quality tube pre's (or even ss for that matter), you'll find that most start at a significantly higher price point than the CSP. They may have more inputs, but are almost never all tube, point to point wiring, etc.... From what I found, you'd have to spend at least $1,000 more to get something that starts to compare, probably closer to $2,000 for same league.
Frankly, I stumbled on to my CSP2+ because I found it used at such a good price I bought it primarily as a headphone amp. I "accidentally" discovered how great of a pre it is. Now, I'd say it's even a better pre than it is a headphone amp.

Title: Re: CSP2+ as pre with SS
Post by Nick324 on 09/14/21 at 12:46:01

Iím with you on the use of the CSP2 as a pre-amp. I picked up an older model CSP2 a few years ago and have been swapping it into my various systems for years, especially w/ SS and class A power amps and the control and weight it adds to the music are incredible. I attribute the extra value to dollars spent to the fact that the CSP series allows the user to control the gain going to the amplifier, not just the volume. That precise control allows the user to really dial in the power of the amo and synergize components. A good system goes up a few notches to a great system by allowing for body, weight and a better sense of holographic recreation in the music. Theses are the small and very tangible increases that can ake your system up those last few percentage points people talk about allot but donít get to experience often enough. Just a well engineered pre-amp and a fine headphone OTL amp too. Iím happy you posted and allowe d for me to add in my opinion anexperiences too using an older CSP2. Some of the best money i have spent over the years.

Title: Re: CSP2+ as pre with SS
Post by Lon on 09/14/21 at 13:20:15

Well said.

Title: Re: CSP2+ as pre with SS
Post by chapsjon on 10/23/21 at 00:50:31

I 2nd Lon. Excellent description of what the CSP2 adds in regards to weight and control along with it's incredible tone and holography. Thanks for adding to the conversation!

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