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Message started by Geno on 02/29/20 at 19:18:43

Title: Betsy’s are back
Post by Geno on 02/29/20 at 19:18:43

After enjoying the bigger baffles with the Crystal 10 drivers for quite a while, I decided to put the original Betsy’s (Alnico) back in the line up. At first, I was underwhelmed because the scale was not as big. But after a short time, my ears adjusted and I was hearing detail in recordings that just weren’t there with the Crystals. I think Randy’s statement that “it is just hard to beat the speed of a great 8” full range driver” best sums it up. Link below:

Kudos to Palomino for his suggestion and help setting up a Crown amp powering my bass baffles using a “magic cable” connection from Zen to Crown. This really fills out the overall sound very well.

Title: Re: Betsy’s are back
Post by charles hidalgo on 03/14/20 at 23:22:13


Title: Re: Betsy’s are back
Post by Geno on 03/15/20 at 17:37:08

Thanks Charlie! My slightly larger, thicker baffles will be here this week. It’ll be interesting to see how the Betsy’s sound in them. Can’t wait!

Title: Re: Betsy’s are back
Post by Bottlehead on 03/15/20 at 20:17:37

Hey Geno,

I'm looking forward to your impressions of the Betsy Alnicos in the bigger baffles, and I'm guessing that other open-baffle fans are, too. My money's on a bigger soundstage, bigger bass, bigger presence, bigger everything. Good luck, and keep us posted.


Title: Re: Betsy’s are back
Post by Geno on 03/16/20 at 02:18:26

Hi Randy. That’s what I’m hoping for. They are supposed to be here Wednesday, and then a few days of finish time. By early the next week, I should be ready to have a listen. The good thing is that the Betsy’s are already broken in good, so the results will be immediate. And as I have less patience than probably anyone else alive, that is a good thing :D

Title: Re: Betsy’s are back
Post by el Chefe on 05/18/20 at 18:47:01

Nice! I was looking at the bestys myself!

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