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Message started by DanG on 03/27/19 at 01:50:14

Title: Betsy Open Baffles and VTA Dynaco ST-70
Post by DanG on 03/27/19 at 01:50:14

Hello All, first-time poster. Discovered Decware and Caintuck via the Steve Hoffman Forum.

I'm enjoying my new Caintuck Betsy Open Baffles. I'm waiting on delivery of an SE84UFO.

I am listening to the Betsyís using my VTA Dynaco ST-70 (described in my signature). But, never having heard a SET amp, Iím guessing Iím not hearing the Betsyís to their full advantage, as I will when I receive the SE84UFO.

Comments? I think the VTA ST-70, which I like very much, and which has wonderful NOS Mullard tubes, is push-pull, or ultralinear. This past weekend I tried triode mode, which I didn't much like when I used this amp with my previous speakers (Dalquist Compact DQM-9 Speakers, 25/140 min/max watts, 92dB sensitivity, purchased circa 1983). But triode modes seems very nice with the Betsy's. Still not the real deal, though.

Anyway, I'd appreciate your thoughts. My guess is that the SE84UFO will take the Betsy's up to a whole nother level, lifting the sound stage, and providing more bass.



Title: Re: Betsy Open Baffles and VTA Dynaco ST-70
Post by Lon on 03/27/19 at 12:39:43

It's been a long time since I've heard a Dynaco amp; I grew up with my Dad's Dynaco system of tuner, preamp and amps.

I'd say you'll get a very different sound with the Zen amp. A more detailed, dynamic, clear sound. Better soundstage most likely. DIFFERENT bass, tighter and more controlled.  

Title: Re: Betsy Open Baffles and VTA Dynaco ST-70
Post by Randy in Caintuck on 03/28/19 at 16:27:56

Hi Dan,

I'm very pleased to hear that you are enjoying your Betsy baffles ...

Over the 40+ years of my audio journey, two modified Dynaco ST-70 graced my system. At the time, all of my speakers ranged from 88 to 92 DB sensitivity and the Dynaco amps did a good job of driving them.
The Dynaco amps were easy on the ears and I considered them very "musical" sounding. I also owned a Conrad Johnson MV-50 and an Audio Research VT-100 which I enjoyed quite a bit.

I still consider all three of those amplifiers to be fine sounding components ..... however, the first time I heard a Decware SET (an SE84B), it totally changed my concept of imaging, soundstaging, focus and clarity ...

The current Decware SE84UFO is certainly even better than the vintage SE84B and I think that you will be very happy with it in your system.
It has plenty of power to drive the Betsy baffles and I have that combo in my home listening room.

I agree with Lon about the bass ..... there won't be "more" ..... but it will be tighter and more controlled with greater detail.

If deeper bass is needed, it's easy to add a third baffle with a larger driver powered by a subwoofer amplifier or any good quality powered subwoofer.

You are in for a treat when the SE84UFO arrives .....

Happy listening,

Title: Re: Betsy Open Baffles and VTA Dynaco ST-70
Post by DanG on 03/29/19 at 02:11:58

Lon, thank you for your reply.

My dad had a Fisher integrated amp and tuner. That's how I got interested. :) Can't remember what the turntable was.

I got into tubes myself many years later with a refurbished Dynaco ST-70. Then I moved into the "modern" VTA Dynaco ST-70 by Roy Mottram and Bob Latino. It mostly stays loyal to the original design, but improves reliability, and addressed original Dynaco cost cutting design. This is the amp I'm still using until the SE84UFO comes.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm really looking forward to hearing SET sound.

Title: Re: Betsy Open Baffles and VTA Dynaco ST-70
Post by DanG on 03/29/19 at 02:55:32

Randy, thank you for your reply. It's special to be able to discuss the Betsy's with the inventor. † :)

I'm glad to hear you considered the Dynaco amps "musical." I haven't had a lot of exposure to different amps, speakers, and systems, but I feel my Dynaco system has been sweet. (I forgot to mention I also had a modded Dynaco PAS-3 in there, too!).

I'm really looking forward to the Decware SET. I've been totally unaware of SET until recently. A whole new, exciting world to explore.

It feels like I'll have to hear it to understand SET, it's not something that can be explained. So I'm enduring the wait until the SE84UFO arrives by reading everything I can about it and the Betsy's. :)

And everything I've read and seen indicates the SE84UFO and Betsy Baffles are wonderful together. I enjoyed the video Steve made showing off the Betsy's. I even purchased one of the CDs used in the demo, Bob Barnard's Cornet Chop Suey.

Randy, thanks for the Sampler CD! I'm enjoying the music. Some of it I know, most of it is new to me. Very nice. The CD also sets my mind at ease. This is music that will show off the SE84UFO/Betsy system to its best advantage, so I feel certain I will enjoy it when the SE84UFO arrives.

Thanks again!

Title: Re: Betsy Open Baffles and VTA Dynaco ST-70
Post by Geno on 03/29/19 at 03:42:39


Iíve had the SE84UFO/Betsy Baffle combo for a while now and could not be happier. The Betsyís are the part of my system Iím not interested in changing. They put a smile on my face every time. And when you consider the price/performance ratio, they are unbeatable.

Also, I got two of Randyís 12Ē bass baffles and I drive them mono with one of his plate amps. This fills out the sound perfectly.

Title: Re: Betsy Open Baffles and VTA Dynaco ST-70
Post by Lon on 03/29/19 at 16:06:46

You are going to fall in the love with the SE84UFO. It's no shame. . . many here are also able to sing "I Fall in Love Too Easily". . . .

Title: Re: Betsy Open Baffles and VTA Dynaco ST-70
Post by DanG on 06/22/19 at 14:35:44

Status report on the Betsy's with my VTA ST-70. I now have over 200 hours on the Betsy's. I'm impressed by how fast they are. Also, the sound stage is bigger. And the bass is better, more detailed.

While the VTA ST-70 isn't SET, it's been enjoyable with the Betsy's while I get some hours on them. My SE84UFO should ship in a few weeks. I'm looking forward to finally having the SE84UFO and the Betsy's together.

Title: Re: Betsy Open Baffles and VTA Dynaco ST-70
Post by Geno on 06/22/19 at 19:21:07

Hi Dan. Iím right behind you on the waiting list. I have a Zbit that should be updated from new to parts pulled next week.

Yep, youíre gonna love the Betsyís with youíre new SE84UFO. A great match.

Title: Re: Betsy Open Baffles and VTA Dynaco ST-70
Post by DanG on 06/24/19 at 13:54:58

Thanks Geno. I'm really looking forward to it.

From all reports, yours included, I only hear that the SE84UFO and the Betsy's are a great match. I'm beginning to understand about the importance of a proper match in equipment. I guess I'm concluding that my VTA ST-70 and the Betsy's are not the best of matches.

I have high expectations about the SE84UFO and the Betsy's, knowing that they're a good match. Can't wait. †:)

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