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Message started by craigcarter on 12/30/18 at 23:01:58

Title: My Happy Place
Post by craigcarter on 12/30/18 at 23:01:58

It is a quiet Sunday afternoon and listening to Ronnie Earl's Grateful Heart: Blues & Ballards, and thought I would share my humble set-up.

As you can see, my listening space is quite small (9X10) and the Decware makes a perfect fit.  My next upgrade would be to replace the Taboo with a Torii III mated to the CSP2+.

Except for the TT, all equipment bought used.  Currently tweaking the acoustics of the room; just added Michael Green's "roomtune" package of absorbers, the heavy blackout drapes and hung a Persian rug behind the chair.

Pro Ject Classic TT with Ortofon Quintet Black S
Lehmann Decade phono stage
Decware CSP2+
Decware SE84TS
PS Audio Perfectwave Dac Mrk I with Bridge II
Dunlavy SC-1 monitors
Martin Logan Grotto I
Decware silver reference interconnects between the preamp & amp, phono stage to preamp
DH Lab T-14 speaker cable
Audio Quest Diamond interconnect as phono cable

Suggested tweaks most welcomed!

Happy New Year and Good Sounds to All.


Title: Re: My Happy Place
Post by Geno on 03/20/19 at 20:37:13

Nice setup Craig!  I love Ronnie Earl. Isn't Grateful Heart the one with Fathead as a guest?  Bet it sounds great!

Title: Re: My Happy Place
Post by Lon on 03/20/19 at 20:47:43

Craig has the Torii Mk III now! (I won't say how I know) ;D

Title: Re: My Happy Place
Post by craigcarter on 03/24/19 at 21:56:45

Thanks Geno!  Indeed, it is the soulful David Newman.  Great set of songs of jazz, blues, swing...

Since the original positing, I have added auralex room treatment, combo of 2" foam and diffusers on the ceiling.  OMG, what a difference, but my pride and joy is acquiring Lon's beloved Torii III that has taken me to the next level of hifi nirvana.   Had the warranty transferred and in addition to new tubes and replacement of the step attenuator, Lon provided an assortment of awesome tubes that will keep me entertained for quite awhile.  Thank you Lon!

Here is a pic of the current setup:

Title: Re: My Happy Place
Post by Lon on 03/25/19 at 00:02:16

You're welcome Craig. Looking good!

Title: Re: My Happy Place
Post by Geno on 03/25/19 at 04:08:36

Nice!  Looks like you have a little bit more room than before. It is amazing how room treatment can bring the sound into focus. I have just added 4 diffusers with a good result. Happy listening!

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