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Message started by Alvaro Oliver on 10/25/18 at 19:45:25

Title: LTspice problem with SE84
Post by Alvaro Oliver on 10/25/18 at 19:45:25

I've been trying to aproach a simulation of the UFO in LTspice using the ZKit schemmatics.

The problem is that I'm getting a very weird frequency response from the input stage, very far away from the input signal.

The schemmatic is as follow:

The sine input frequency response is:

And the ECC88 output is this:

The only way I can get the problem gone if I use a SPICE DC source directly connected to "C" point, so I suppose there is a problem with the power supply. I also tried using 300 VAC sources instead of the power transformer but the results are the same.

LTspice file is available here.

Can someone point me on the right direction?

Best regards,


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