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Message started by SonicSeeker on 11/10/17 at 12:10:30

Title: Philips PCC88 / 7DJ8
Post by SonicSeeker on 11/10/17 at 12:10:30

Anyone try this tube or have any info/feedback on them.

Title: Re: Philips PCC88 / 7DJ8
Post by Lon on 11/10/17 at 12:23:22

Yes, a nice tube. In my amps and preamps these have a nice sense of space and depth, a bit bass light in comparison with some other 6922 types but not criminally so.

Title: Re: Philips PCC88 / 7DJ8
Post by dvl on 11/10/17 at 15:16:43

Totally agree with Lon's take on this tube. Just a little bit bass shy, seems a touch more open than some others.

Title: Re: Philips PCC88 / 7DJ8
Post by JOMAN on 11/10/17 at 18:54:56

I have found the 7DJ8 to be an excellent alternative.  I have a Valvo/Hamburg made 7DJ8 as the driver tube in my CSP3.  Depending on the choice of output tubes and rectifier I’ll use either the Valvo/Hamburg D getter or Halo getter in the driver stage.  The D getters have more mid prescence.

The Valvo/Hamburg are a little more extended on the top end and I don’t find them to be bass shy.  Lots of detail, space and depth as described.  I have used various Amperex (very nice tubes) and found these to have a little more mid “warmth” than the Valvo 7DJ8.

Title: Re: Philips PCC88 / 7DJ8
Post by SonicSeeker on 11/10/17 at 19:03:14

I was thinking of trying these but A little bass shy worries me though.

Title: Re: Philips PCC88 / 7DJ8
Post by Acetone on 11/11/17 at 16:40:19

Hey Sonic,  I have that tube and it is very, very nice! But, I'd have to say I enjoy amperex 6922 (white label Jan or PQ) types best. I will still roll the philips into the superzen amp from time to time.

Title: Re: Philips PCC88 / 7DJ8
Post by SonicSeeker on 11/11/17 at 17:45:41

I decided to give some of these a try.

Title: Re: Philips PCC88 / 7DJ8
Post by SonicSeeker on 12/06/17 at 19:17:10

I put a quad of these in my Phono stage and I like them very much.

Title: Re: Philips PCC88 / 7DJ8
Post by ArtMan on 12/21/18 at 00:40:21

I recently purchased a NOS JAN Phillips 7DJ8 and it has hit the sweet spot with my amp. It is a little lean in the bass but what is there is very convincing. The primary thing is the amount of air and the size of the soundstage is enormous. It is easy on the ears yet provides a lot of detail. What I like best is I can hear further into the sound than any other alternative I have tried. I am very pleased.

Title: Re: Philips PCC88 / 7DJ8
Post by ArtMan on 01/21/19 at 03:09:39

After having my amp for about 6 months, I finally decided to do some tube rolling for the rectifier and driver tubes. I purchased several rectifier and driver tubes on ebay and began to listen to various combinations as they arrived. What I discovered blew me away. The rectifier tubes had a bigger impact on the sound than the driver tubes, although the driver tubes had a big effect also. I first tried a SED Winged C black plate rectifier, a Westinghouse 5U4GB, and then a coke bottle RCA 5U4G.

I tried a NOS JAN Sylvania 6DJ8, Phillips 7DJ8, Amperex 7DJ8, Matsushita 7DJ8 and Mullard 7DJ8 for the driver tubes. Each had a different sound with each rectifier tube. I read the forums and decided to purchase a Sophia Electric 274B Aqua as many gave it glowing recommendations. It is on another level above my previous choices. Each driver tube sounded better with the Aqua.

Going back to the Phillips 7DJ8, I clearly noticed a high frequency grain to the sound. My previous recommendation was written before my final listening sessions with the Aqua.

My driver tube is now a Mullard 7DJ8. It has the high end air of the Phillips without the grain and a little more fleshed out midrange. The Mullard and the Aqua is a wonderful combination and was worth the time, money and effort to have reached this deep into the music. It has taken the sound of the Zen amp to a new and wonderful level.

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