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Message started by SonicSeeker on 08/27/17 at 15:52:00

Title: 807 Tubes?
Post by SonicSeeker on 08/27/17 at 15:52:00

Opinions on brand preference.
RCA or Brimar.
How do we know where a Brimar tube is made.

Title: Re: 807 Tubes?
Post by hdrider on 09/03/17 at 16:15:32

Sonic- I bought a set of Chinese 807's from Roger @ Ram Labs just as a test in our Rachael, and liked what I heard. I then purchased a set of 1940's vintage RCA 807's from VTS and have been running them for months. I really enjoy the overall tone and balance. The tubes have been very stable, no issues at all. The imaging and soundstage when playing records is fantastic. I love the versatility of the Rachael amp. I will latch onto another brand as we head into winter. I have no knowledge where Brimar tubes are/where made. What are your experiences? Happy listening on this holiday weekend, Chris.

Title: Re: 807 Tubes?
Post by SonicSeeker on 09/04/17 at 14:09:42

I ended up buying the Brimars, they came Saturday, nice looking tube.
Unfortunately the adapters wont be here for a while, China. :(
Anxious to try them though.

Title: Re: 807 Tubes?
Post by hdrider on 09/04/17 at 16:50:52

Sonic- I was very surprised at the build quality of the adaptors from China. It was my first purchase on eBay and from China. Took about four weeks and of course when I opened them I wished I had purchased at least two sets. Who did you get the Brimars from?Happy listening, Chris

Title: Re: 807 Tubes?
Post by SonicSeeker on 09/14/17 at 20:06:25

A few days with the 807's and I like them very much so far.
Clear, detailed, more information in the notes, more articulated and the bass is deeper and much more pronounced.
I will burn them in for a bit and give more opinions then.

Title: Re: 807 Tubes?
Post by hdrider on 09/17/17 at 15:26:01

I really enjoy the 807's in our Rachael the best. Scott (SonicSeeker) sent me the name of the eBay vendor he got his 807's from and I ordered two pair, should see them by the end of the month. Really love the versatility of the Decware gear and tube rolling. Happy listening, Chris.

Title: Re: 807 Tubes?
Post by SonicSeeker on 09/17/17 at 16:32:24

Let me know how they compare to the RCA's.
You should see the tubes fairly quick.
I ordered Wednesday and mine will be here tomorrow.

Title: Re: 807 Tubes?
Post by Lonely Raven on 09/20/17 at 19:08:22

I started with Canadian made Westinghouse, and I also had some milspec ceramic base (I forget what brand) for my ZMA - I liked them, but I loved the tighter bass and more grunt with my KT-66. Palomino heard them and bought all of them and the adapters off me immediately.

Here it is a year later, and people are still talking about them, Steve even recommended them to me (though I got the idea from him originally). So I'm currently running some British Navy 807 called VT something. I like them, and with my new livingroom arrangement (sound treatment and more space), plus the new update to my DirectStream DAC, the 807 have a beautiful deep and full bass and I don't really miss the KT-66 as much as I did previously.

I've found all 807 tubes are smoother in general. I did a little research on them, and they are basically 6L6 tubes with the anode on the top. So if you're getting old RCA or whatever 807, it's basically like uncovering a stash of 50's vintage 6L6 tubes.

Title: Re: 807 Tubes?
Post by SonicSeeker on 09/21/17 at 18:30:44

They seem well balanced, very revealing and clear with a generous amount of space and detail.
I really like what I am hearing so far.

Title: Re: 807 Tubes?
Post by hdrider on 09/23/17 at 15:22:24

I rec'd my two sets of Brimar 807's from Sonicseekers contact (actually I used to buy a lot of tubes from Ken for my SP-11 and NYAL gear but forgot about him) and installed a set last night. Came up to a matched bias in our Rachael and listened to some music then watched a movie. Sounded a little '''restrained'' but I think after this weekend with 30+ hours on them it will be fine. In our system, the 807's are really wonderful. Happy listening, Chris.

Title: Re: 807 Tubes?
Post by Syd on 09/23/17 at 20:06:25

I kitted my Rachel's with them, Mullards. I had one go and replaced it with a QV 05/25, Millard bnib. As they are such a good price I bought another. I use one in each Rachel to balance the weaker reading 807's. Now for the first time ever all meter readings are spot on 40. The 807/ QV' s are the best power tubes I've had in so far.

Title: Re: 807 Tubes?
Post by hdrider on 09/24/17 at 17:18:33

So these new 807's 20+ hours on them now, and have opened up quite a bit. I had our ZP3 on since Friday evening but couldn't play a record until Saturday afternoon when the chores and bs was done. Listening to a couple of Lorenna McKinnet's studio albums and the resolution of all the instruments was great. Lots of definition in the low mids and upper bass. Planning on the same for this afternoon. Really happy with these 807's. Enjoy the day, Chris.  

Title: Re: 807 Tubes?
Post by Rivieraranch on 09/25/17 at 04:42:15

I got into these too. I am running a mixed quad of 40's Canadian Westinghouse with 1961 Soviet equivalents. This is pre flying saucer getters. I can echo the comments of others on how these sound. You can get a real vintage NOS sound for cheap. However two of those damned Chinese adapters went bad. Had to replace them. I don't think they take kindly to tube changes.

Title: Re: 807 Tubes?
Post by SonicSeeker on 09/28/17 at 18:28:44

It appears I may have had a bad 807 tube in the first quad.

After about a week on the tubes the amp, at start up, would have popping and static mostly in the left speaker but the right was beginning to develop some also. When I checked bias it was moving all over with the popping sound and I could hear the amp transformer getting bogged down also.
Eventually it would settle down and go away mostly with just an occasional popping.
Today I put one of the other quads I purchased in and it is dead silent, the bias is steady and the sound is noticeably improved.
I thought it was not sounding as good but wasn't sure until I switched them out.
I will have to wait to see if the issue re-occurs with this quad but hopefully it is an isolated occurrence.
Listening to Caverna Magica right now and it is stunning.

Title: Re: 807 Tubes?
Post by SonicSeeker on 10/06/17 at 20:07:40

Well Ken very quickly sent me replacement tubes and I have already received them.
Couldn't ask for more.
I really like these tubes.
hdrider how do you like them so far.

Title: Re: 807 Tubes?
Post by hdrider on 10/08/17 at 17:06:44

Loving the 807's from Ken Sonic. I have actually be able to listen to a fair amount of cd's and records in the last week and actually find myself forgetting about the mechanics of the reproduction and just getting lost in the music. As soon as I get my second set of adaptors I will do some swaps between the different makes of 807's but have to say I think the Brimars are a pretty dam great tube for not a lot of $$. Thanks for the tip/reminder on Ken/Tubeman. Happy listening,  Chris.

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