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Message started by JOMAN on 04/29/17 at 14:47:02

Title: SE84UFO2 With Backlit Meters
Post by JOMAN on 04/29/17 at 14:47:02

Just got my SE84UFO2 a couple of days ago.  I'm running S3HOXRS with it, I posted my initial impressions of this combination and so this is not meant to be a review of the UFO2.

From other posts I became aware that I could order it with backlit meters for an additional price which as far as I was concerned was more than reasonable.  So I did...

If you like the "vintage" look these are a screaming deal, IMO. A must have! Not too bright, just the right color temperature and the lighting is even with no evident hot spots.  Complete the look of the UFO2.

Tried to post pictures but have not been able to, so I will send a pic to Steve to post.

In addition I will say this about the UFO2...

As much as I became convinced that a low power amp with high efficiency speakers was the way to go I still struggled a bit with ordering the UFO2.  Was it going to have enough power?  Should I order the 20 watt Tori?

I've had a number of very good amps in the past 40 plus years the highest powered one was a 250 watt Krell the lowest was a Cary Rocket 88R which I ran in the 30 watt push pull triode setting.  As much as I liked all the amps that I have had, I never had a WTF moment like the one when I first powered up the SE84UFO2.

2.3 watts and the wife is yelling from the closed doors of the bedroom - TURN IT DOWN!  Plenty of power with more than enough to spare and with more density at low volume than any of the other set ups that I have had..  

A review of it will wait until it is nicely burned in, all I will say right now is that I am pleased.  

Title: Re: SE84UFO2 With Backlit Meters
Post by Acetone on 04/29/17 at 16:18:14

And it will only get better....

Title: Re: SE84UFO2 With Backlit Meters
Post by Lon on 04/29/17 at 17:06:54

Joman, great to hear that the amp has impressed you so much. It's amazing what the low power can do. . . just boggles the imagination sometimes.

And our Ace is right, will get better day by day.

Title: Re: SE84UFO2 With Backlit Meters
Post by JOMAN on 05/02/17 at 03:27:10

Boy, are you guys right and it's only been 23 hours!

Title: Re: SE84UFO2 With Backlit Meters
Post by bikehappy1 on 04/16/19 at 17:24:13

That's awesome! I have one on order for my work setup. It will power a pair of Trapeziums with my pc running through a AQ jitterbug and dragonfly red. I'm in the middle of re-downloading my cd collection in lossless files in preparation. Good thing I have a Torii at home or I'll be tempted to work some overtime.  

Title: Re: SE84UFO2 With Backlit Meters
Post by Bilyeaux on 01/15/21 at 17:35:49

Sounds great love the enthusiasm for this amp. My order is just a couple weeks in and now contemplating the meters. If XLR connects not chosen what is the difference other than meters in the two amps?


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