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Message started by Steve on 03/11/17 at 20:34:10

Title: HR-1 dynamics?
Post by Steve on 03/11/17 at 20:34:10

I bought a Decware Taboo for my ZMF Blackwood headphones. At first, I had to turn the volume knob all the way up and still wasn't getting enough power (from a Schiit Modi 2 Uber DAC, at the time). So I used my Schiit Magni 2 Uber as a preamp. Not only did it give me enough volume, but... it made a HUGE impact on... impact - i.e., dynamics. Everything sounded so much more 'real.'

This is now a key trait I look for in speakers. I don't necessarily want horns, but I want to get as close to that level of dynamics as possible.

So, I'm wondering how dynamic the HR-1's are? ... especially if you have any comparisons to horns, line arrays or other typically very dynamic speakers.


Title: Re: HR-1 dynamics?
Post by Lon on 03/11/17 at 23:30:08

Hi Steve,

I haven't been able to compare to horns (I haven't heard horn speakers in about 25 years) but I own two pair of HR-1s and would say they are dynamic, not extremely so but I'm not sure I would want them to be more dynamic (as the equipment feeding them is pretty dynamic).

Not sure how they perform with the Taboo as I have a Taboo Mk III but have only so far used it with headphones and small (quite inefficient) bookshelf speakers; these don't get very loud but sound okay. Mark58 has used his Taboo with the HR-1s I believe and may be able to comment. . . .

Title: Re: HR-1 dynamics?
Post by Steve on 03/12/17 at 02:25:16

Thanks Lon. I would move up to something more powerful with the HR-1's. In fact, I want to do that now with the Betsy's I just built. I like to listen loud. The Taboo does ok, but seems to top out. As for headphones though, it is incredible.

Thanks again.

Title: Re: HR-1 dynamics?
Post by Lon on 03/12/17 at 12:28:12

Good. I ran the HR-1s with a Zen C amp modded by builder Eddie Vaughn, and in my current larger space this combo sounded very good but did not have the headroom that the speakers do with the Torii Mk III, nor the body and quite all the micro-dynamics. The Mk III and the HR-1s are really a great combo--with the controls on the Mk III you can make almost any tube complement work well and the amp and speakers have great synergy.

I have two sets of headphones and the Taboo Mk III works GREAT with one of them, the Audeze LCD2. I also have Oppo PM-1s and they sound okay with the Taboo, but sound GREAT with the CSP2+ preamp I have. The Audeze sound okay with the Taboo, not GREAT. So I have the right amp for each headphone.

Title: Re: HR-1 dynamics?
Post by mark58 on 03/12/17 at 12:55:01

Steve, I do have both HR-1s and Taboo III but have never paired them.  I have tried the Taboo with Zu Audio "Souls" (99 dB) and Omega Alinco Super 7XRSs (93 or 94 dB...same as the HR-1s) and both were totally inadequate with the Taboo III at 4.6 WPC which is surprising given how well my Zen Signature Monoblocks at 2.3 WPC drive both of these speakers.  The Taboo III is an odd one with speakers in my experience and in my opinion is only a headphone Amp.  As Lon says, the Audeze LCD 2 headphones and the Taboo MK III make beautiful music together.  Mark.

Title: Re: HR-1 dynamics?
Post by Steve on 03/12/17 at 18:23:49


Thanks for the input. However, I am not wondering how the HR-1's do with the Taboo. If I buy a set of HR-1's, I will buy a more power amp as well. I want to know how the HR-1's are in general, specifically when it comes to dynamics. How would you compare them to any other speakers in terms of dynamics, especially something known for dynamics, like horns.

Sorry for the confusion. Thanks again.

Title: Re: HR-1 dynamics?
Post by mark58 on 03/12/17 at 19:12:40

Steve, I'm not great with the audiophile lingo but I think you'll find the HR-1s dynamic and faithful to the recording.  The only complaint I had at first was the treble was a bit too prominent but this was resolved with 10 ohm resistors on the tweeters as well as copper speaker cables and switching to Voodoo interconnects from the Silver Decware interconnects. Of course, tube rolling occurred too.  In my other system I have a pair of Zu Audio "Souls" that use a novel loading system...not exactly the traditional horn but very effective.  The Souls have loads of Dynamics. And IMO are a perfect match with the low powered Zens.  They were great with the Torii MK IV too, until they were displaced by the HR-1s.  Below is what's written on their site.  I also have two pairs of Omega speakers that are great but again have a bit too much high end/treble for me. I really should try them again since I've made so many changes in my systems.  Hope this helps.

"ZuGriewe Acoustic Technology

The result of all this driver engineering is an expressive and dynamic full-range co-ax driver, where the tweeter section is not called on or needed until the upper most treble range (12kHz and up), and as this co-ax was designed to work within our ZuGriewe™ box/acoustic loading technology you get a loudspeaker that is lightning-quick yet still lays down loads of tone density. The system is consistent and linear in its resolution and dynamic behavior—from bass though treble. ZuGriewe™ delivers increased efficiency in the bass range and reduces noise and distortion, a design that outperforms bass-reflex or acoustic suspension designs. Our exclusive technology reduces internal acoustic noise from within the cabinet and couples more tightly the high acoustic impedance of the driver cone to the low acoustic impedance of the room. So you get improved bass drum thwack, techno beat hit, thunder-broom shove, snare pop, guitar tone, fiddle bite and body. And all able to scale and span even the most demanding and complex recordings (particularly when matched with a great subwoofer like our Undertone). And yeah, voice always sounds human, real and present."

PS...another thing that had a major impact on resolving my treble problem, how could I forget, was the addition of an Omega Sub Woofer.  Highly recommended but many will tell you it's not necessary.  I don't use one in my second system.

Title: Re: HR-1 dynamics?
Post by Steve on 03/13/17 at 02:59:48

Thanks Mark for the great insights. ... You said the Zu's were displaced by the HR-1's. How do the HR-1's compare to the Zu's, in terms of dynamics especially?

Title: Re: HR-1 dynamics?
Post by mark58 on 03/13/17 at 18:42:56

Man Steve, I don't know. If I didn't have the HR-1s, I'd be very happy with the Zu Audio "Souls",  at 2K retail they are a bargain comparatively.  They are marketed to Rockers but I listen to mainly Jazz...small group and Big Band and to a lesser extent to Rock/Blues...minimal Classical.  They do everything well. They give a 60 day trial period, I forget the details but they won't let you return them until it's almost up because they do require a longer break in period than Decware or Omega speakers. If you custom order a funky color, you should check to see if the 60 day return will be honored...there are some exceptions...see below. I will always have the HR-1s, the Zu "Souls" and one pair of Omega Alincos.  At some point I'll probably sell the second pair of Omegas.   Mark.

We want happy customers and letting you live with the product for more than a few days is the best way to know if you are going to be happy or not. All we ask is that you give the product proper consideration and talk with us regarding setup, tuning and integration into your playback system and home.

If after 45 days you decide the product is not what you had hoped it would be, and you paid the shipping to get it, we will pay return shipping and arrange to have the items picked up! If we paid for the product to be delivered to you return shipping is your responsibility.

If you send the product back before the 45 day mark without first talking with us—we expect you to tap into our knowledge, experience and willingness to help—you will be subject shipping charges and a 20% handling and restocking fee.

If more than 60 days are needed, say you're also evaluating the competition or another component that has not yet made it to you, simply call or email us at anytime within the first 60 days for an extension of the satisfaction guarantee. Provided that your request is reasonable, we can extend the term to 90 days or even longer—we want you happy.

Title: Re: HR-1 dynamics?
Post by Steve on 03/13/17 at 22:50:05


Thanks so much for your feedback. I've discovered my two personal most important qualities in a system are dynamics (i.e., a rimshot that sounds live!) and 'lush' midrange (Norah Jones vocals that bring a tear to my eye). So, that is the 'quest' I am on.

Thanks again!

Title: Re: HR-1 dynamics?
Post by mark58 on 03/14/17 at 00:09:07

Ok Steve, I knew I'd read some reviews in the distant past that might answer some of your questions better than I can.  There are plenty of impressions on the HR-1 on the Decware site. Below are reviews of my "Souls" as well as other Zu Audio speakers. I also have given you the link to a thread here about Zu audio and other speakers.  A search will turn up more.  Hope this helps.  Mark.

Title: Re: HR-1 dynamics?
Post by Steve on 03/14/17 at 14:25:07

Some great links. Thanks! Those Zu's sound VERY interesting.

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