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Message started by Steve Deckert on 01/02/17 at 05:23:46

Title: 2017 The Year of Sonic Bliss!
Post by Steve Deckert on 01/02/17 at 05:23:46

Happy New Year !  If this the first night of 2017 is any indication, it's going to be a very good year for listening! I hope everyone is standing in their listening room tonight shaking their head in disbelief at how good the sound is!  That's been my experience so far this year... as I selected LP's I haven't heard since pre-Decware years...  what a trip :)  We've made some respectable progress in 20 years :)

Happy Listening!


Title: Re: 2017 The Year of Sonic Bliss!
Post by Jeff of Arabica on 01/02/17 at 07:03:14

Was listening to the Linn Records 40th anniversary compilation on my Taboo MK III and ZMF Ori Blackwoods through my ZDSD when I thought to myself, "Damn, I am one lucky bastard."  Then I decided to peruse the forum while listening and stumbled upon this post.   :)

Happy New Year Steve!  Keep up the stellar work.  

Title: Re: 2017 The Year of Sonic Bliss!
Post by Lon on 01/02/17 at 13:10:32

My wife and I (and our dog) have been quite ill this holiday, and whenever my wife is around my listening is minimal. But all throughout the year I've been thankful for my excellent sound and have been saying over and over in these pages how much I appreciate my system and the impact it has on my life. It continues to sound better and it continues to give me a reason to get up in the morning and be thankful for the universe I'm a part of. Happy listening in 2017 fellow travelers!

Title: Re: 2017 The Year of Sonic Bliss!
Post by Randy in Caintuck on 01/02/17 at 15:03:00

Yes indeed .....

2017 will be a very musical year for those enjoying this wonderful audio hobby .....

I still remember the early days of Decware High Fidelity Engineering when Steve introduced the concept of "top shelf sound for the sincere but broke music lover". A very well respected (and expensive) amplifier was soon replaced in my audio system by a Zen triode and I never looked back .....

Since then, Decware has continued to further the enjoyment of music with additional products including front end equipment, loudspeakers and other discoveries that have pushed the edge of the musical bliss envelope.

I have every confidence that there is still more to come .....

To add icing to the cake, each year has included a genuine treat for those able to travel to Peoria, IL for the annual Decware Zen Fest.
Great music, refreshments and association with kindred spirits .....

Happy listening,


Title: Re: 2017 The Year of Sonic Bliss!
Post by stone_of_tone on 01/03/17 at 17:03:48

I agree J of A! I'm off the next couple of days and entrenched in my music collection with my ZMA and ZDSD.

Best to you Steve, Lon and Randy this year too!

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