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Message started by Matchstikman on 12/28/16 at 15:24:40

Title: Dust cover
Post by Matchstikman on 12/28/16 at 15:24:40

Ok, I have an SE84C in the living that isn't getting used.  I thought I'd try a few things with it and then I noticed how much dust had gathered on it.  Which leads me to the question, does anyone use some kind of dust cover and how does this work with tube heat?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

Title: Re: Dust cover
Post by waveydavey on 12/28/16 at 16:17:42

I've thought about making a diy dust cover before, but then decided frequent dusting with a soft paint brush does the job quite well. If you're the type that does a fairly thorough weekly house cleaning, with the added dusting of stereo equipment, it's not so bad really with the dust issue.  

You'd need to have a cover that has built in fans with a filter on the intake to stop dust etc.. There definitely would be a lot of heat build up using a tube amp under a cover, so good airflow would be paramount.. Also anytime you wanted to change the volume or turn on amps/preamps etc that are not remotely controlled, you'd have the hassle of removing a cover each time..

Could be a fun project though as long as you have lots and lots of quiet and filtered ventilation, and also use a non flammable cover such as glass.


Title: Re: Dust cover
Post by Matchstikman on 12/28/16 at 17:04:17

I thought about a covered amp while it is on but I'm not comfortable with that.  I think I'd use it when it is off.  Still, I'd have to wait some time for the tubes to cool off.

Brushing the amp frequently might be the best solution the more I think of it.  A built-in fan would add noise, I think.  How would you isolate that?

Title: Re: Dust cover
Post by waveydavey on 12/28/16 at 17:36:33

Oh okay, if you just wanted to have a cover for when it's not in use that's much easier for sure.. Probably you'd just need to set a timer at first to see how long it takes everything to cool down to warm etc, then add the cover.. Once you have found out the minimum time it takes to cool down, you could then set your timer for that amount of time to remind you to put the cover back over the amp.

I guess with the fan idea it would probably need to be ducted to have the fan or fans well away.. So probably one side of the glass box cover would have filtered intake vents, and the other would have a fan pulling a high volume of air through a duct well away.. Dunno, probably wouldn't look too great lol, and it's much easier to just dust regularly.. Plus the Decware amps have the added bonus of being dust proof on the insides, so a quick hit with a paint brush on all the outside visual area's seems the easiest way (to me) to keep em clean and pretty :)  

I like the idea though of having a cover to put over everything when not in use though. Sort of like an extra measure to treat the gear special etc.. Here I get a fair amount of dust from using a wood stove daily for heat, which creates a fair amount of mess and dust etc. Still I can keep up though, and if you find a decent soft bristle paint brush it really works well to keep the amp(s) and other components clean.

The paint brush method works really well for cleaning down into the fins of sub amps also, and around dials and such etc.

Title: Re: Dust cover
Post by maddog07 on 12/28/16 at 17:45:06

I use these to dust my equipment..

and when I'm not listening, I turn my tube amps off, and after they cool... I cover the whole rack with a cotton sheet.

Title: Re: Dust cover
Post by Archie on 12/28/16 at 18:38:20

I use these to dust my equipment..

Or, try an old fashion feather duster.  I was amazed at how well one worked.

Title: Re: Dust cover
Post by Blueone302 on 12/31/16 at 05:04:24

I had one made for my Torii MK IV.  I take it off when using the amp.  Keep it on when not in use.  It's thick plexiglass.  Here's a few pics.

Title: Re: Dust cover
Post by Matchstikman on 12/31/16 at 05:34:41

Blueone, that's the ticket.

Title: Re: Dust cover
Post by Lonely Raven on 12/31/16 at 21:30:12

Blueone, that cover looks great!

Title: Re: Dust cover
Post by Blueone302 on 01/04/17 at 18:36:15

Yeah, it does the trick.  I notched out one inch in and two inches high across the back to allow for the power, component and speaker cables.  I have several speaker wires I've tried in the last six months, some thicker than others.  If I had it to do over I would notch out all the way across to better accommodate the thicker stuff.  And, when not in use it dresses the amp up a bit.

Title: Re: Dust cover
Post by Matchstikman on 01/26/17 at 00:25:59

I found a site that will custom build an acrylic dust cover.  However, at $325 that just seems a bit too much.  Or is it?

Check this out:

Title: Re: Dust cover
Post by Blueone302 on 02/11/17 at 05:01:31

Pricewise... Ouch!  The ones they are building look very much like mine.  I checked and I paid about $120.00 via JMKdisplays  I'm getting ready to have them build me another for my office amp.

Title: Re: Dust cover
Post by hurdy_gurdyman on 04/04/17 at 05:27:39

I had this Esty member make me one of these for my reel-to-reel tape recorder. They can make any component cover you want. Friendly folks, too. I don't know if you need an Esty account to just view it or not. Good idea to have one, as there tons of useful things there.

Here is a pic of the one I bought. It looks too big because it is made to cover 10 inch reels on the deck, but the pic has 7 inch reels on the machine.


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