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Message started by samb0357 on 12/15/16 at 18:56:41

Title: The mighty CSP2(or 2+, or 3)...a 10 year journey
Post by samb0357 on 12/15/16 at 18:56:41

Mine is just the run of the mill, garden variety, plain vanilla version that was bought in '06, serial number 015. It has been used off and on for the last 10 years, never causing any issues. Used with all kinds of amps, solid state and tube. Currently, it's in duty driving a pair of stereo ss amps(different makes, different power), that in turn are driving a pair of AR 3's, and a pair of AR 3a's, that are stacked. The sound is nothing short of outstanding. Truth in advertising fits here. This preamp can truly drive anything without any issues and sounds great doing it.

I've seen a lot of gear come and go over the last 10 years, but luckily I've resisted any urge to sell the CSP2. I suspect that will be the case for at least the next 10 years.
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Title: Re: The mighty CSP2(or 2+, or 3)...a 10 year journey
Post by Lon on 12/15/16 at 19:27:22

I've got one of those CSP2 preamps as well that I have had going for over ten years. I had Steve build mine in a Select black metal chassis and as a result there is no headphone jack which Steve said gave it a tiny sonic edge. It's been a real trooper, being in my main system for years and then my second system and then in storage for a few years. I'm going to sell it (I'm thinking of bundling it together with the Eddie Vaughn modded C amp I have, they make an excellent combo). . .it's not fair or good for it to just sit in a box and there's no chance I'll be able to set it up for use any time soon.  . . .

This was a great design. CSP2+ was a little leap forward in ergonomics and thus added a bit more gain-riding capability, and I have never heard a CSP3 but I'm sure it's wonderful . . . But really there's hardly anything that will beat a decade long CSP2 in sound and character and stability. This is a real mother of a component.

Title: Re: The mighty CSP2(or 2+, or 3)...a 10 year journey
Post by Tripwr1964 on 12/18/16 at 13:06:43

ive had mine going on 3yrs (i think)  there is no way i am letting it go.  i'll always find some place for it in my system(s).

just wish it had an additional input.

the ability to tailor the input and output signal is something i'll never do without.

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