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Message started by Steve Deckert on 06/19/15 at 00:39:21

Title: TORII JR design is almost done!
Post by Steve Deckert on 06/19/15 at 00:39:21

I'm in the final processes with the Torii Jr., listening to the production sample and frankly I couldn't be more pleased with the sound so far, so everything is coming along nicely.  I'll post some pics this weekend.  

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Spring!
Post by Lonely Raven on 06/19/15 at 01:06:54

I'm looking forward to seeing (and hearing!) more Steve!

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Spring!
Post by stone_of_tone on 06/19/15 at 15:57:19


Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Spring!
Post by Fireblade on 06/19/15 at 16:32:38

Need to see how this one evolves and is judged ..  but it looks promising in my case.  Great!

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by Steve Deckert on 06/20/15 at 04:06:51

Production prototype of the Torii Jr. being evaluated with the Tungsol 6L6G output tubes this week...

Very pleasant experience btw.  Currently I'm testing different power transformers to figure out which one sounds best... the transformer itself effects headroom, speed, heat & regulation, so it's just a matter of time to find the best balance.

So far my favorite sounding one runs on the hot side (by design) and I'm trying to see if there is a way to arrive at the same place with less heat.  A lot of people would assume that a power transformer if adequately sized is all the same simple current and voltage as far as the amp is concerned.  The truth is that the transformers, both power and output, are the most complicated part in the amplifier and have a list a variables as long as your arm.  Often getting this recipe correct has a much larger effect on the sound of the amplifier than the audio circuit itself.

So after a few more things are evaluated I'll know the final parts cost and can then figure out what the amp will be priced at.

As for the sound... it is obvious when listening that it has more resolution than the TORII MK4, which is ironic on so many levels.  The lack of negative feedback of the torii, both global and local has always been where it's amazing transparency comes from.  Winding the same transformer with UL taps never sounded as transparent to me.  However, winding a transformer that is twice as good and then putting UL taps still nets about an 80% improvement.  The linearity against speaker impedance is the benefit that Ultra Linear brings...  so now with the ability to conquer its nemesis (my corner horns) with perfect non-boomy bass, and zen amp imaging... it's probably going to be a very popular amplifier.


Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by will on 06/20/15 at 06:43:03

Sounds and looks great. Exciting news, and more to come! Congrats Steve.

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by darrwood on 06/22/15 at 00:47:24

looks nice, would it require a pre amp to get the best results or would it doo well without one?

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by Fireblade on 06/22/15 at 11:53:36

It certainly looks gorgeous!

All this argument about 'transparency' (which I would assume refers to resolution, frequency separation and micro detailing) being 80% more than the Torii MKIV, means there has been a huge leap in the know-how evolution at Decware, in the last 12 months or so, essentially based on UFO and Ultra-Linear choices ... An exponential time function of improvements, hopefully on a linear price offer.

The lack of gauges would make it more affordable. If its price lands between the Mini Torii and the Torii MK IV, say USD 2,400, this would be a great offer.

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by Lon on 06/22/15 at 13:03:33

It's interesting to see all the new stuff when you have an excess of riches as I do and aren't in the market. I bet this sounds great, but I'm so happy with what I have it's like a man who just loosened his belt after a great meal not getting excited at the possibility of a wonderful second dessert!

Will be interesting to read reviews of this. I see all the emphasis placed by many on "transparency" and it makes me leery. Ultimately the very most detail has not been a goal of mine and a hindrance often in a musical system. I love how we're all different!

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by stone_of_tone on 06/22/15 at 17:19:12

Great analogy Lon! However, in my case, I lost 31 pounds the last 17 weeks (safely)....and can now Run like a deer again at age 51. 199 pounds, down to 168...where I should be. Being fit again, is good for the hearing too. I digress.

I should just walk away as well. I don't need a damn thing in my awesome System. However, I am the consummate Hobbyist!

I have my Yggy coming and after the full release of Steve's new Pre and maybe the 6C33C Mono's....I'll go to Decware (prearranged date) hear these (some time in 2016)!

From a previous post/by me:

"It will be interesting to see if in a year from now the ZMA merits the UFO MOD, decided by Steve.

If the Mono's pan out to Steve's ideal; I will arrange a date to visit and bring my Speakers and Cables to hear them. Steve has my CSP3, ZMA and ZDSD on hand of course. I will bring my Transport, PS Audio P3 and Power Cables too. Probably, bring the Schiit "Yggy" Yggdrasil too....if it passes muster with me this July.

This would facilitate a few things. I get to hear his Reel to Reel. I would get to hear a "seasoned in Pair" of 6C33C Mono-blocks, with a whole lot more hours on them than I could put, with a 30 day audition with purchase. Plus, the gas and a two day stay at the Hampton Inn, would be half the cost of restocking + freight to and from (and a whole lot more fun to visit)!

An a big furthermore, I get to compare my modified Adagio's to a few pair of his Speaker's and hear the new Preamp with Volume Control. Love my CSP3, now so seasoned......hard to beat".

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by Lon on 06/22/15 at 18:01:11

Cool, glad you can afford to be that comsummate hobbyist! I tried, but I'm not able to run with those dogs any longer, and I'm so so tired of being restless and wondering what this or that sounds like. Just going to enjoy what I have and let the music wash away what needs washing.

I'm listening right now and sucked into the feeling and the flow of the music. Happy camper!

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by stone_of_tone on 06/22/15 at 18:08:19

Your point well received Lon.

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by Lon on 06/22/15 at 18:15:48

Wasn't attempting to make a point actually, just stating where I fall on the spectrum, know that there are many ways to live in this hobby and I'd buy every Decware product if I could and could use them all! I've just had to face the reality that I've got to limit myself to what I have and I have great stuff so it's not a real hardhip.

Just as there are those who are trying to squeeze the most detail out of a system. I can understand that but that drives me CRAZY. I lose sight of the music and what it should be bringing me, but I know that's not the case with others, though it is with me. This hobby is a great one, so many ways to go, to follow what one knows is the way for oneself.

Knowing oneself. . . the education of a lifetime!

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by will on 06/22/15 at 22:05:11

I keep finding terms difficult when we are describing the experience of music.

Like transparency and resolution. The way they are usually used, they are positive terms, and if cold, hard detail were a part of them, I don't think folks would interpret them as good. Semantics are difficult when music is as good as it can get with Decware in the center of our gear and rooms.

As I think about it, I guess resolution in balance is a core prerequisite for the music to come through with authenticity. It allows everything to "resolve" naturally from an open and empty background. In this case I think of resolution as an aspect of "musicality." But if the "resolution" is not "transparent, if it is notably "colored," not resolving all that makes music with effect, it is not truly resolving the recorded material.

I don't think there is any aspect of the musical presentation that is more important than any other. If any part is over or under-stated, it sounds like it. I do hear complete, complex detail as a critical aspect of the music, something we hear in a studio or a good room, and something missing if our system/room does not have excellent resolution in balance. And not just for atmosphere, ambience, air..., but also proper detail makes the mids and bass more authentic..... body, warmth, attack, decay, weight, textures...isn't complex detail an aspect of everything we hear? But at the same time, detail without complexity, without the fine is too hard and rigid. It hurts.

Also, if my system is too dark...too full of weight and body, it does not sound "real." If it lacks the natural warmth and body of a human voice, or the warm qualities we choose an instrument for, it sounds wrong. Without the support of complex detail, "warmth" is just dark....

That said, I have not heard a Decware amp with stock tubes, wires and feet that has given me as full a sense of convincing authenticity as I like without tuning all the tools together in this system and room to get there.

So I welcome Steve's "transparency, resolution, and perfect bass" knowing I like his voicing, but also because I have always had to take these qualities further for what I need for a complete musical experience.

I do have a hard time imagining transparency, resolution and linearity being 80% better than I am listening to now with my MKIV. But I have worked a lot on these things....I am not very good at these percentage things either, and maybe Steve is referring mainly to resolution being 80% improved by the new transformers? I suppose I can begin to grasp this possibility, the musical finesse from very refined resolution being perhaps exactly what I have been working on my whole audio quest.... to resolve the complexity of natural music in a convincing way.

In fact, who knows what we are really talking about as we try to put to words the Experience of Music!


Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by Fireblade on 06/23/15 at 12:15:54

This is all subjective, of course, but to me, resolution means more general information mining from the source, whereas micro detailing is when that resolution is oriented to pick up the little nuances that provide realism to the overall presentation (not just the macro details being clearer).

Frequency separation, on the other hand, helps in imaging and provides an added joy from being able to neatly distinguish what many of the instruments are actually doing, and being able to grasp the ensemble without losing instruments' individual contributions. All these aspects together are being arbitrarily called 'transparency' for lack of a better term.

80% is a great deal of improvement in 'transparency', and it may well be right if one considers there are other important aspects involved, like tone, timbre, sound-stage, speed and dynamics, as well as headroom and PRAT.

Evidently, nothing like this is possible even with the best amplifier if the context of gear and room conditions are not conducive. What is important, as an interested observer, is to appreciate and hopefully being able to enjoy the benefits of Decware's exponential design evolution process, which also induces us to keep enhancing relevant context conditions ...

Having said that, Lon's points are well received, although I for one rather have my preferred music material played back with more realism and better acoustics ...  as anyone else, if possible, to enjoy it even further. In Lon's case, I'm sure he's really close to that already, whereas in my case I still have some bottlenecks to tackle.

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by Syd on 06/23/15 at 12:59:34

Coming from the perspective of not hearing other amps, Decware or otherwise, not hearing different speakers, cables, i/c`s and a multitude of components often disussed here I kind of nail my colours to the mast on my pair of Rachaels, CSP2+, ZP3, ZMC1 and as you might have guessed now the WE 16g sp wires.  :) Last night I tried some 12AU7`s in the ZP3 and now have a great sound, top to bottom with the SET midrange.
The transparency thing. I`ve just made some 28g silver wire in cotton i/c`s to carry the very small signal from the ZMC1. What the transparency equals is more small detail in instuments as they play. Breathy I`d say, a little more natural reverb. The transparency never gets to where you think it`s too thin.
The UFO mod will be like stepping into a new era.
The 80% resolution improvement would take my Rachaels into terratory that I`m allways looking for when I `try` things out. It`s a mystery what lies in this new mod. A mystery for me, and you. Ultra Linear, Ultra Linear, I mull it over and not a lot happens. Steves heard it and is going with it.
So the Torii jnr is going to be quite a piece of kit.

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by Lon on 06/23/15 at 13:24:27

Here's my take: I've actually had problems from my first days with amp #27 down to the Torii Mk IIIs that I have with the signature of the amps and "detail" and the important feature for me is the flexibility of the amps and the flexible controls that Steve came up with for the amps, especially the Torii Mk III with the treble and bass frequency adjustments. With those I can tame the frequency issues and there's enough transparency and detail that the recordings I listen to are enjoyable. There's so much to love in these amps that I thank the stars for the many tube rolling possibilities and those tonal controls. Part of this may be how I hear, how the rooms I have had have been, and I'm sure this isn't the case for all or maybe even anyone else, but that flexibility is what has allowed me to build a fantastic system.

Otherwise I was going to become one of those audiophiles who would only listen to great pressings and great recordings and I absolutely am NOT that guy and I never want to be that guy.

Steve's source signatures have never been right for my collection--the DEC685 was the best imo, so I don't get excited about the ZDSD etc. I had to move away from Decware digital sources and find another that was worthy of these great amps and speakers. And I did in the PS Audio DACs and a few other SACD and Blu-ray sources.  His amps seem to move further and further towards a clinical sound (or that has been my experience with the amps that I have owned, and there have been eight of them!) and that is not the direction I want to head. And there is less control flexibility in the new ones, and I need more flexibility. So I have found my happiness with my newest Torii Mk III and I'm probably going to stop there. And it really is a relief to say "I've got great sources, great amps, great speakers, great cabling, isolation and power treatment, stuff that two decades ago I could not imagine myself owning, the sound is amazing, I'm happy and sticking right here!" Soon I'll be divesting myself of two or three whole systems and hope to be happy with a great main system and get back into immersing myself in the music (and making some of my own). That's where it starts and should end.

We're all different and I guess I can understand Steve's quest and constant development but it's a different temperament than mine and if I let myself get carried along in the excitement of all these new possibilities I find I lose sight of the nourishment and relaxation in the music itself, so I am scaling back on my thinking about musical improvements and new products and actually coming to this board less often than I have before. We're all different, and I've found the plateau I'm going to inhabit and explore for some time to come.

Beethoven sounds amazing and Dad and I are enjoying the calm before the storm that the rest of our morning will be (visit to the clinic and to the assisted-living place he's moving into). I'm so glad I can share this with him, and the Torii Mk III and ERRs in this room are a large part of bringing that beauty into our life. Thank goodness for music and great playback!

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by stone_of_tone on 06/23/15 at 16:31:35

Stone's in!

The man makes such great Amps. I have to have one in my Listening Room too! My Decware ZDSD, CSP3, ZMA and SE84CS, told me they were lonely and upset, that I sold their Sister CKC..... ;D.

I just emailed Steve to make the cut for 10% off.

Yggy Schiit fun in August...... .  

Then, TORII JUNIOR W/:  DECWARE UFO transformers featuring a bandwidth of +/- 1.5dB between 10Hz and 100kHz. To achieve this bandwidth requires ultra precision winding with high interleaving and 3 times as many core laminations. This kind of precision is what gives the transformers such a stunning transparency.

In UL baby!! my ZMA.

If their is any overlap, because the Yggdrasil DAC could get bumped to ship later and later this summer.... . I will burn my new Torii Junior in on my 2nd System while burning in, an listening to the Yggy in my Listening Room or vice versa... .


PS-for me personally, I can't/won't have my SE84CS with NOS SV83 Svetlana's altered. I also can't/decided I won't have my Zen Mystery Amp ever altered. So, in order to hear what's in Steve's minds eye with the new output UFO Transformers in UL (and the power Transformers he is now working on)-I am ordering the Torii Junior. I have no doubt the Soul of the Music will be here too. Driving it Direct and with my CSP3 will be fun to find my preference.

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by stone_of_tone on 06/24/15 at 15:02:44

I made the List!

This is going to be a Special Amplifier.

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by Fireblade on 06/24/15 at 15:54:36

I'm on the fence for this one too ...  But, not sure if it will fit my bill, sort of speak. Will wait until the first impressions are reported.

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by stone_of_tone on 06/24/15 at 16:33:36

Yeah, I'm excited for some late summer burn in and fun (Torii Junior & Yggy).

Listening Room:
Room Treatments from Michael Green & Home Brew
Sony as Transport (DVP-NS57P)/Sandwich weighted for Isolation
Illuminati D-60 Digital Coax IC

Decware ZDSD DAC / Recorder (@ -20 Ref Level @ 16/176.4)

Yggy coming! (Schiit Yggdrasil)

Kimber Select KS1030 IC RCA
Decware CSP3 w/Jupiter Caps (NOS/Platinum/Telefunken 6922/E88CC .....for Input Tube)
Kimber Select KS1030 IC RCA

Torii Junior coming!

Decware Zen Mystery Amplifier (NOS/Platinum/Matsushita/National PCC88/ A12 an B12 Input Tube positions)
***NOS/Platinum/Ediswan's CV2492/6922 pending in my A12 an B12 positions***

Kimber Select KS3033 Speaker Cable
Acoustic Zen Adagio - Black Pearl (Modified)

Acoustic Zen Adagio's x-over's Modified/Full Range with Mundorf MCap Supremes-single Cap to each Tweeter/4.5k cross
(Gutted: 3rd order Linkwitz/Riley's....with all crappy parts = gone)

XLO Pro Power Cords to CSP3 an ZMA
PS Audio P3 Power Plant / Pangea AC-9SE from wall to P3
(Transport, ZDSD an CSP3, Regenerated/118, 119 an 120v are used/Multiwave off...ZMA on HC Output)

Decware SE84CS (NOS Svetlana SV83's from 1980's-not the New Sensor knock-offs) ...when SE Pentodes run in Triode/Decware Style...needs to be in the System!

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by 4krow on 06/24/15 at 17:43:43

Of course, we want detailed files (PICTURE_S_)

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by 4krow on 06/24/15 at 17:51:45

Steve says, 'it's probably going to be a very popular amplifier.' Hell yes, I believe that to be an easy guess. I would already own a top of the line Decware amp if I had the money, and the Rachel is one of my all time favorites, BUT this amp is a no brainer for me. It will take time to get my ducks in a row, and the truth is, I don't want to sell a bunch of stuff to get this amp. Saving cash would be the best way. I wouldn't have regrets of getting rid of something that shouldn't have gone in the first place. I still miss my mono SV83 mono amps.

Soooo, Steve, I got this wonderful idea. Why not sell raffle tickets for some lucky guy to get one of these? I'm actually serious about this.

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by will on 06/24/15 at 18:52:12

Exciting news Stone!~ Looking forward to your experience with the new amp.


I am with you on the flexibility of tonal controls the last Toriis gave us. Including five tube sets, the tuning potential is remarkable and has been really important for me. The limitations of tubes only may not satisfy my need for fine-tuning either. Though I have the sensitivity you have to a lesser degree, mine is more on the other end.

With the last few Toriis....From tuning with the reference of mastering decisions of many recordings across many recording styles, we can get pretty refined, making the experiences of individual recordings amazing. And it seems each of our systems, rooms and bodies change our beginning points, each requiring a delicate balance to get the most from our recordings.

Then I had to dig even further@#$%^&*(). My bass sensitivity, and need to more completely resolve what my room treatments could not fully address, turned into a tool I hadn't really imagined. But most won't get into EQ as I have.

The same phenomena happened for me as with the knobs and switches, but with more specific EQ tuning, unexpected brilliance showed up "between the lines." By removing even subtle masking, and bringing up frequencies the system/room cut (even 1/4 Db in some places), deeper levels of resolution and transparency emerged. The empty space, refined information retrieval, and speed of the MKIV blossomed without veils or color, hardness etc...a more complete presentation of the music.

Along with room work, fine-tuned EQ has proven for me the story Steve has always pointed to...most of us don't get all these amps are capable of (no matter our tonal preferences).

Steve seems to be leaning away from controls due to transparency/resolution costs. But without a range of refined tuning tools, from within our unique systems, rooms and tastes, many may not as easily be able to get as deeply into beautiful music.

But resolution...These last several years of exploring increasing fine resolution in order to open space, chill hardness/increase textures, refine warmth and bass, and all the other things that can enliven the musical experience at home...the benefit of well done resolution is not a question for me. But all things need to be "right."

And I understand the "plateau" you explore...the MKIII has amazing potential for refining a world class experience of music. I think we are really lucky when we get to a plateau where refinement comes from a foundation of satisfaction!


Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by Lon on 06/24/15 at 19:03:40

I understand. I just fear further "resolution" as Steve defines it without the flexible tonal controls I've come to rely on is in danger of upsetting a very satisfying apple cart. I'm standing fast. Now if UFO transformers were to come available for the Torii Mk III. . . I' d consider it. But I won't be buying any amp that doesn't at least have the treble cut circuit, or idealiy both the controls my Torii Mk III has. They have become essential to my system.

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by stone_of_tone on 06/24/15 at 19:15:46

Thanks Will, I'm excited about it.

4krow, I know, I need to put up pic's. A while back deucekazoo PM'd me his number and I texted him pic's of my Modified Adagio's and the x-over's that came out of them. Also, pic's of my System(s). I will post, when I get the Yggy & Torii Junior burned in and situated come October... .

I should add, I'm able to swing these upcoming purchases, because of the Audio Gear it was time for me to part with. Thanks to the Classified's here at Decware and AudiogoN, I was able to do so/and did well the last 90 days.

I now have a few other non-audio related things I'm going to part with too. This will facilitate a visit to Decware in 2016 to ponder potential/other Decware I'm considering.

Right now though, 2015 is all about the Jr. and the Yggy, comparing and contrasting with my fine Listening Room System, I already possess!

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by Fireblade on 06/24/15 at 19:52:58

I still think my soon-to-be beefed up Mini Torii can become quite worthy of the Yggy. That is why, unless I learn I need more power, or if the Junior is really that "transparent" (by my own interpretation of this, as per an earlier post), I'm still on the fence on this one, looking very close to its development and assessment by the first lucky owners.

In the meantime, waiting for my ABB1 type difussors and the Yggy.

Just received notice from Decware: My ZBit is on Testing phase!

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by stone_of_tone on 06/25/15 at 21:06:19

I think you're in good shape FB. You have a very good System. I need to finally venture into computer audio with my Yggy.

My modified Adagio's (now), can play beautiful music with my SE84CS or ZMA. Obviously, with more gravitas and headroom with my ZMA. So yes, as you stated, I'm curious if I prefer the (potential) resolution/transparency (via UFO Output Tranny's) the Torii Junior might bring vs. my SE84CS & ZMA.

With a healthy 20 watts/channel and in Ultra-Linear for gravitas and the 6L6G output tubes; maybe I prefer it-maybe not. Maybe it equals-maybe it does not. All I know is if it ends up in my bedroom System....that will be just fine. It could put my ZMA in the bedroom System though?! (Just kidding-the ZMA and Jr. will have rotation in the Listening Room. No leaving it).

I'm hoping the Yggdrasil suffers no more delays. I would like to put many hours on that (vs. my ZDSD~PCM Redbook), then have the arrival of my Torii JR. But, if I have to spend time with one in each System.....that is a good problem to have/burn in.

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by Fireblade on 06/29/15 at 16:04:33

I'll be pending on your first impressions about the Yggy / Ultralinear combo. My Yggy order went out in May, so I guess the second announced delay, to end of July now, does not apply to me? :-/

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by stone_of_tone on 06/29/15 at 21:15:22

FB, I ordered late May. Here's hoping we get our Yggy's sometime by mid July. Current orders are late July. When I first ordered, it was to ship by the end of June. However, we could get another dreaded push-out email.

Will do on the Yggdrasil impressions with the Torii Junior UL, UFO output Transformers & my ZMA UL. Yggy vs. ZDSD to the Jr. and ZMA as well. Keeping all else equal/same in my System.

I will be under no return deadlines for either the Yggy or Jr. If I sell a DAC or Amp...that will be a few years down the road from now. They will both need 160 to 200 hours each, to season in.

Well, here's hoping for a shipped/billed email for the Yggy, in the next two weeks (for us both)!  8-)

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by Steve Deckert on 06/30/15 at 05:52:21

Well so far so good with the 6L6G Tungsol as well as NOS RCA 6L6 pictured here.

Now we'll move on to some other tube... but we've heard enough!

We are now winding the next ten UFO ULPP transformers and building the second production prototype with the world voltage compatible power supply and getting ready to start photographs for the web page.

BTW, the NOS RCA 6L6 sound clean and  happy with a faint tubey aftertaste...  very nice.  All of these tubes were of course tested briefly during development, but now I get to spend some time with each one.

The time consuming part of these final hours has been power supply related.  Going with a single supply that has the same nuts as dual mono has proven to be somewhat interesting.  So far we're finding a more industrial transformer rated at 105C and designed to operate at 40C over ambient has the best speed.  In the Torii JR it is well over-sized and runs approx 30 degrees C over ambient aka 140 F which feels very hot to the touch.

At first this gave me pause since customers will think it runs hot, however, based on the listening tests the "hotter" transformer run at 80% capacity is what makes it competitive with the Zen Mystery Amp on a Detail metric.  We feel that perceptual  speed is the variable that lies at the heart of the comparisons.

So that's an update.  Of course it has been also a lot of fun listening to each tube compliment on at least 4 pair of familiar speakers.  The Corner Horns,  the HR-1's, the Monoliths, and the ERRx's.  From that sampling I know exactly what the amplifier sound like.

Pretty exciting stuff!  Good to be alive and able to hear!

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by Fireblade on 06/30/15 at 11:11:37

Great news, Steve! I can't wait for the definitive price listing and see whether I can afford it at this time, but it seems like a winner. Could you elaborate more on what you meant by:

... the "hotter" transformer run at 80% capacity is what makes it competitive with the Zen Mystery Amp on a Detail metric.  We feel that perceptual  speed is the variable that lies at the heart of the comparisons.

I'm inclined to interpret this as an equivalence in resolution between both amps, but with a difference in perceived speed (a variable mostly linked to the power supply transformer). Did you mean the Torii Junior is perceived as faster reacting or the opposite?

Thanks for the great work, Steve!

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by stone_of_tone on 06/30/15 at 15:42:27

Great news Steve. Yup, if the single power tranny has to run hot like the dual mono power tranny's of the ZMA-so be it. If that is part of the magic..........good thing!  ZMA has been bullet proof.

I like reading your reference to the ZMA. I look forward to the comparison. Take your time finalizing all the variables and I can't wait to read the design notes (final tube compliment decision, input tube etc...).

Look forward to receiving your Link/email for purchase in due time.  Thanks!

Take a break and have a great 4th!!!

Title: Re: New TORII JUNIOR amplifier for Summer!
Post by Steve Deckert on 11/11/15 at 00:21:26

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