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Message started by tom collins on 06/05/13 at 23:57:33

Title: janszen speakers and the torii 3
Post by tom collins on 06/05/13 at 23:57:33

i visited a friend last weekend and hooked up my torii to his janszen hybrid panel speakers.  he normally uses a sanders solid state rated at 450 per side.  at the end of the visit, he was thinking of ways to sell the sanders.  the depth and clarity were not a surprise, but the bass wallop sure was.  it was not even a close call.  these speakers are rated at either 87 dbl or 90 dbl depending on who you talk to at a nominal 8 ohms.  we were able to comfortably drive these above a level we could talk at.
very impressive indeed.

Title: Re: janszen speakers and the torii 3
Post by jsm71 on 06/28/13 at 19:40:58

Tom knows that following two listening sessions that mated my Janszens with his Torii MK3 I pulled the trigger and ordered the amp.  The sound of the Torii brought out the best of the Janszens and convinced me that I haven't been hearing all they can give, especially in the bass.  Today I go back and forth between using a subwoofer or not.  With the Torii I simply won't use it.

The only real doubt I had to work through was the issue of enough power.  My Sanders Magtech SS amp is a brute and in fact puts my speakers at risk should I push things too much.  I find it amusing that once the Torii arrives I will have two amps that are both outside the bounds of recommended power for my speakers, the Magtech being too much and the Torii too low.  This is according to the speaker's owners manual.  I have found however that using both in moderation work just fine but couldn't be more different in their delivery.

I'll likely keep both amps.  The Torii was bought for me, for critical listening and I don't care that my speaker's efficiency isn't ideal.  We found that the Torii can take the listening levels high enough for me and when using my active preamp the dynamics were real good.  

The ESL panel's primary appeal is quality of sound, not quantity although they can produce volume without distortion if the watts are there.  The SS amp will be around if I want to rock and roll with those extra watts.  For now, I sit in line waiting like everyone before me.

Title: Re: janszen speakers and the torii 3
Post by Lon on 06/28/13 at 20:27:19

Congratulations! The wait will not be easy but when you receive the amp you'll be very happy (as you know, which is really nice, knowing what to expect).

Title: Re: janszen speakers and the torii 3
Post by maddog07 on 08/06/13 at 17:32:07

I too have experienced this "phenomena" of bass with the Torii.  Before I had my single full-range driver, high-efficiency, crossoverless DIY speakers done, I had my Torii mk3 hooked to a pair of Martin Logan Electrostats (Vista model) and that was one of the first things I noticed - bass - as in more with the Torii than I had with a very highly regarded and monster of a class A/B SS amp, with a power supply that you could weld mild steel with.  And the quality and tonality of the bass was improved with the Torii too to my ears also.  Now I could not get the volume and ultimate high-level dynamics with only 25 watts, but what I did get was very high SQ.

With the high-efficiency, single full-range driver, crossoverless speakers I now have... the difference is even more profound.  I've hooked 5 different SS amps to these speaks, and though some exhibit some desirable sonic characteristics - NONE of them produced bass like the Torii on these speakers - not even close - no comparison - hear the difference with the first note that springs into the room off the speaker diaphragms... it's quite astonishing to be honest.  And everything else improves substantially also - huge leap in realism, closer to the "you are there" experience that we all seek.  I have never heard a piano or standup bass sound so real and convincing from a stereo system - anywhere - at any price.  Folks, the Torii with these types of speakers is the real deal.... you owe it to yourself to hear it and experience it.  But be prepared, you are likely to be smitten and laying down your long green and standing in line to get a Torii and a pair of "lowther type" speakers to go with it.  * You've been warned!!!   :o

Title: Re: janszen speakers and the torii 3
Post by jsm71 on 07/29/14 at 21:16:31

A lot has changed in my setup over the last year, but the JansZen/Decware pairing has remained a cornerstone.  Everything I have done keeps raising the bar.  Since chiming in on this thread I got my Torii IV, then swapped it for the ZMA.  That was a significant improvement.  The ZMA makes these speakers sing.  

I've also swapped out all the stock tubes in my Cary preamp for quality NOS replacements.  The JansZens really reveal these kinds of changes and the ZMA simply relays the message without harm.

The latest change was putting in JansZen speaker cables.  David isn't promoting them on his web site yet, but designed them specifically to mate perfectly with his speakers and they really helped.  I was evaluating a pair of double shotgun Clear Day Cables at the time David asked me to try his.  The CDCs were sounding mighty fine but I shipped them back.  David's simply have the synergy intended.  The only thing left on my list for the future will be a big jump up in turntable/cartridge quality.  Maybe when I retire.

The ZMA tethered to JansZen speakers is quite good.

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