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I took my TRAPEZIUMS and ZEN SE84C+ to a relative's home to show some family members what real fidelity is. I thought it would be fun to play around with the amp and speakers while waiting for Christmas dinner.  

I set the combination up in my brother-in-law's home office. The TRAPEZIUMS were placed on a glass-topped desk; the ZEN was connected to a little Toshiba DVD player.  I sat behind the desk and pointed the speakers ahead of me to broadcast to a sofa about 7 or 8 feet away.

This player was not the best source but it read the discs well and the combination sounded almost as good as my own player at work.

Sitting behind the TRAPEZIUMS was interesting. It was like being backstage at a performance. We played some different material, Diana Krall, some piano jazz and a stage show disc.

The speakers performed like champs. While sitting on the sofa facing them you get the illusion that they are bigger. Their size belies their performance capability.

While several family members who heard the system were favorably impressed, only one, my brother seemed to critically evaluate it, in a positive way. With this particular combination I found I could turn the volume all the way up. On some cuts it began to distort or run out of steam at the very top volume while other cuts played with full clarity at that max volume setting.

In this particular setting, I believe that the TRAPEZIUMS performed as well or better than a bookshelf speaker. The desk top served as the stand. They seem to integrate as well for near field listening while sitting at a desk and also turned around to a farther listening position they do as well as bookshelf units.

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