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Message started by iseijin on 11/30/11 at 15:58:19

Title: safe to use any tube
Post by iseijin on 11/30/11 at 15:58:19

Are there any tubes which can not safely be used in a CSP2+?

Title: Re: safe to use any tube
Post by don pettit on 11/30/11 at 20:06:47

hi,  what tube type are you considering using?  don

Title: Re: safe to use any tube
Post by iseijin on 12/01/11 at 20:03:47

I don't know yet. In two weeks I'll know.

Title: Re: safe to use any tube
Post by don pettit on 12/01/11 at 20:09:58

if you are buying the pre from steve just use  the tubes he sends along with it,  at least until it is broken in.   at that point tube rolling becomes more reasonable.  and read the forum section relative to csp2 preamps.  lots of good stuff in there.  tubes and other topics are discussed in depth.  don

Title: Re: safe to use any tube
Post by iseijin on 12/29/11 at 23:47:20

ECC83's can be used, can't they?

Title: Re: safe to use any tube
Post by don pettit on 12/30/11 at 00:55:56

hi again, i think those tubes are what i call 12ax7.  if they are then i would not use them.  the 6n1p tubes that are shipped with the new preamps that steve sells are really what should work out best.  i do not understand why other, more knowledgeable members of this forum are not responding to this serious may be because i am involved.  if so, them up your's members!!  your little adoring cult is appearing very effete and easily offended by plain talk.  so i will retire and appear here no more.  but this fellow deserves the benefit of your so-called expertise!  please have the courtesy  to help him!!!  me

Title: Re: safe to use any tube
Post by iseijin on 12/30/11 at 01:05:49

I know that Steve's selected tubes are probably the best ones, but I've seen people using different rectifier tubes than the 3 Steve recommends on the amp's website, so I just wanna try out those tubes someone I know possesses.

Title: Re: safe to use any tube
Post by Lon on 12/30/11 at 02:28:08

iseijin, welcome.

As the mighty Don notes, the 12AX7 tube types won't work, and it's best at first to use the pre-amp with the tubes that Steve sets them up with, which when I received the amp was 6N1P tubes. You can also use 6DJ8, 6922 and 6N2P. The 6N2P can work really well in some systems. . . I sometimes use those in my CSP2 but lately have been using 6N1P.

As for rectifier tubes, I've neer really warmed up to the Ruby tubes Steve uses; I am not crazy about the sound and I've had one or two malfunction. I've tried a few different tube types and seem to have settled on a NOS RCA 5Y3GT. In another room I used a NOS 5U4GB (I'm very fond of RCA regulators) so some experimentation may be fruitful.

Welcome to the forums and hope the wait isn't too long.

Title: Re: safe to use any tube
Post by Pale Rider on 12/30/11 at 03:54:10

Like Lon, I am not a big fan of the Ruby. It ain't bad, but to me, it seems thin and astringent, and further to that, once that full-bodied quality is lost from the rectifier, it seems difficult to get back. I also agree wit Lon, that as a class, the NOS RCA rectifiers are quite good. And I really like some Mullards I have tried in my Taboo, along with some Svetlanas I have tried. I just received my first sets of NOS RCA 5AS4A rectifiers, and I plan to try them in my Toriis and Ultra, along with some other versions I ordered over the holidays.

There are significant choices in the 6922/6N1P class. I have thoroughly enjoyed trying all sorts of Nationals (like them a lot), Ediswanns (love them), Telefunkens, Voskhods (early 70s very nice), and I am about to put some NOS Siemens-Halske in my Ultra and Toriis.

What I love about the Decware product line is that it makes sweet music with elegantly simple designs, where the circuit design is so robust, that it makes ordinary, inexpensive current production tubes sound good. From there, because tube rolling is easy, the sky is the limit.

Title: Re: safe to use any tube
Post by Rivieraranch on 12/30/11 at 14:13:07

On the head-fi site SKYLAB began a thread on the CSP2+ that has grown very long. Many of those who post here post there, too. You may wish to look at that thread.

The input tube has the most overall influence on the sound. Once you get the unit burned in, you may wish to change that front tube first.

While the European new old stock ECC88 and E88CC are nice, they are also expensive. You should only buy from a trustworthy source; for there are people out there who are counterfeiting them; taking used tubes, wiping them, silk screening them and placing them in counterfeit boxes. A recent example of this very thing with Telefunkens appears in a current post over at the Audio Asylum TUBE site.  

Of the current production tubes, the one most people are raving about is the Genalex reissue 6922. The Electro Harmonix 6922 is rugged and quite good as well. I would avoid the JJ 6922 as they have been plagued with quality control problems. Jim McShane does not carry them any more.

You can also use a 6BQ7 6BZ7 6BS8 (same thing) in the front position. The RCA black plates are nice. These can be had for a song. They are similar to the 6922.

The JAN SYLVANIA 6922 is also a good tube. While you can use a 6DJ8, it seems to lack body.

After you try all these alternatives you might wish to come home to the lowly 6N1P-EV. After all, the amp was designed around it. You can often find 1970's vintage 6N1P-EV tubes from reputable Russian eBay sellers.  They are reportedly the better ones.  

As to rectifiers, as long as you get a good US tube in there you will be pleased. Most here favor the RCA. A poster on this site did an exhaustive comparison of rectifiers and concluded that TUNG SOL was the best.    

Title: Re: safe to use any tube
Post by Lon on 12/30/11 at 14:35:29

Gad I hate the Tung-Sol rectifiers I've used. Admittedly that was in my old Select, two different types. But they were not at all what I was looking for.

I find that all three tubes in the CSP2 are quite important to the sound, that's where I'll differ with RR's very detailed and accurate report.

I've used all the tube types and for the input tube I just love the 6N1P more than any other choices. I've found some very good ones recently via ---- the super cryo'd takes a very long time to come to life, but when it does it's very open and clear and dynamic. The regular cryo Anod is very good, better than ones I've gotten from Russian dealers via ebay.

Title: How about E288CC?
Post by Lord Soth on 01/09/12 at 16:16:01


I managed to get hold of a bunch of Siemens E288CC at a good price.

I'm planning to replace the stock 6N1Ps with the E288CC.
My theory is that the heater current of

6N1P > E288CC > ECC88/E88CC family.

So in theory, this should work.

Has anyone out there tried the E288CC in the CSP2+ before?

Title: Re: safe to use any tube
Post by Lon on 01/09/12 at 16:33:27

I've used this tube type in the Philips brand in the CSP2. It works fine, I just prefer the sound of 6N1P.

Title: Re: safe to use any tube
Post by Lord Soth on 01/09/12 at 16:59:47

Hi Lon,

Thanks for your confirmation! :)

Yes, I know what you mean when it comes to the Russian 6N1P. It is a very warm tube and very enjoyable to listen to. Incidentally, the 6N1P was also highly rated in another amp, the Schiit Lyr.

However, I'm more of a "German" neutral guy where sonic signatures are concerned. I just prefer the sound of Telefunkens, Siemens, Valvo and Lorenz.

Now, if I can get hold of a "German" tube rectifier, my audio life will be complete....  ;D

Title: Re: safe to use any tube
Post by Pale Rider on 01/09/12 at 19:45:37

Now, if I can get hold of a "German" tube rectifier, my audio life will be complete....  ;D

I have no idea if these are any good, but they suggest the possibilities are out there. Or you could just break down and fork it out for a Western Electric 274 or 422. ;)

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