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Message started by Parker on 09/01/11 at 05:03:27

Title: Diffusers or absorption behind ERRs?
Post by Parker on 09/01/11 at 05:03:27

I'm in the process of making a whole pile of absorbers for around the house and my dedicated listening room. Luckily I have my ERR's upstairs for my main living area (powered by a Tori II) and I was wondering if anyone has any experience running diffusers instead of absorbers behind the ERR's

Perhaps diffusers would be better to keep the whole front wall "live" and then put absorbers around the room per normal locations and astetics.

This isn't my dedicated listening room, I'm thrilled I get to finally have one of those after 5 years of waiting! My Orion's will get a final home.

Title: Re: Diffusers or absorption behind ERRs?
Post by Pale Rider on 09/03/11 at 03:59:57

I would love to hear some thoughts on this as well. I am going to put something behind my ERRs for aesthetics and cable hiding, and would like suggestions on whether absorption or diffusion would be preferable.

Title: Re: Diffusers or absorption behind ERRs?
Post by stevef on 09/18/11 at 18:11:37

Finally, a topic I have spent some personal time on.  I own Orions.  I am very familiar with the EER, and my omni experience goes back to the original Hegeman 1's.  You have to treat your rooms a bit differently for the Orion and other omnis like EER's, or Morrison's.

As the Orions are a dipole design, no sidewall treatment is necessary, because of the natural null created by the figure eight dispersion.  They do like to be at least 3-4 feet from the front wall.  Hard surfaces work well behind them.  The back wave needs dispersion, not damping. Bookshelves, or a diffuser of some type work great.  If you have more room behind them you probably don't need to do anything at all.

Omni designs may need a bit of damping material on both the near side wall and the front wall.  Not a whole lot is needed though. a piece of covered egg crate foam works well.

Some speakers of this general type, Ohm comes to mind, pad the back wave right on the speaker back instead of launching a full omni pattern. (I see that as a negative.)

Use damping materials sparingly. It's really easy to go too far and deaden the sound.


Title: Re: Diffusers or absorption behind ERRs?
Post by Pale Rider on 09/19/11 at 14:42:05

Excellent input stevef, much appreciated. So far, I have not placed either dampening or diffusing material behind my front side ERRs, and they seem to be maturing nicely. The rear ERRs enjoy some natural dampening and diffusing, due to large soft furniture and more hard walls within 3 feet of each of them.

Title: Re: Diffusers or absorption behind ERRs?
Post by Mganga on 11/09/11 at 19:17:55

Newbie here.  I have a Torii mkIII on order and am planning on pairing it with ERRs (CSP2 and ZP3 to follow). For WAF, I will pull them out of recesses within built-in bookcases flanking fireplace for listening.  No foam allowed (again, WAF).  How much clearance behind do you think I will need to avoid negative interaction with reflective surfaces? Appreciate the help.

Title: Re: Diffusers or absorption behind ERRs?
Post by Lon on 11/09/11 at 19:54:33

Personally, with the Radial design I believe the sound is better the more you can move it away from room boundaries. I don't have any limitations other than to make a livable space in my living-room/dining-room where my system is, and basically I try to get them as far into the room as I can and still have a nice bass balance in the room, and then try to form an equilateral triangle with my listening position. Really opens the sound up.

Title: Re: Diffusers or absorption behind ERRs?
Post by Mganga on 11/10/11 at 21:22:18

Thanks Lon for the input.  I cannot wait to see how it all comes together... eventually.

Title: Re: Diffusers or absorption behind ERRs?
Post by Pale Rider on 12/19/11 at 00:58:07

I agree with Lon, the ERRs truly shine when pulled into the room. But having said, I also note that the ERRs seem less negatively affected by rearward wall reflection than many speakers I have owned. I am still considering the possibility of Acoustimac panels. They are reasonably priced and right-sized for the vertical and horizontal rectangles created behind my ERRs and below the plasma they flank and immediately behind the center ERRs. My wife happens to support this idea, and it may end up being a good compromise on placement, and may help control the reflections from the large plasma. We shall see. And hear.

Title: Re: Diffusers or absorption behind ERRs?
Post by JD on 03/15/13 at 12:26:42

Curious to know if anyone is using diffusers with their ERR's?    I really like the "look" of diffusers and think they would look great behind each speaker and then directly behind my listening space. It would add to the aesthetics of my listening/living room but I am so happy with how my system sounds right now  I don't want to make any changes just for the sake of it or to detract from what I am currently hearing.

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