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Message started by Pale Rider on 08/26/11 at 23:50:55

Title: ZenStyx en route!
Post by Pale Rider on 08/26/11 at 23:50:55

DeVon finished and shipped out my ZenStyx today. System almost done!

Title: Re: ZenStyx en route!
Post by Lon on 08/27/11 at 14:46:14


I feel I need to mention that it took what seemed FOREVER and was near a month for the Zen Styx to be all they can be in my system, but when they are broken in, there's nothing like them I've ever heard as far as cabling.

In my two channel system the bass really took a long time getting there. But in your four channel ERR setup (wow wow wow) there may be plenty o' bass from the start, I'm curious to find out.

Title: Re: ZenStyx en route!
Post by Pale Rider on 09/03/11 at 04:48:33

Lon, if your experience holds in my case, then I am in for a real treat. I installed the ZenStyx today, and they made an immediate difference in the system. My 15yo noticed it immediately. [Remember they are replacing cheap flatóbut decent for the small HT speakers they were used on beforeóMonster cabling.] And, for the first time, I am starting to understand what Steve means by "late night, out of body listening experiences." With the ZenStyx, I can actually hear real live dynamics and detail even at low listening volumes. I put on the new Hotel California SACD and had 5 thoroughly engaging channels of very sweet sound.

The nature of my layout required me to swap speaker cables between the two Toriis. One quad of ZenStyx is 20-feet long [for the rear channels], and that proved to be just barely long enough for the Torii that is more centered between those two. That causes the front channel Torii to be on the rack opposite the Ultra, which means I have to use the longer Audioquest Silver Reference ICs that I picked up at HCM [I believe as a result of a link you posted]. Those are decent ICs, not quite what the Decware are, but also available in 4-meter lengths, and at the HCM price, that length is a bargain.

Title: Re: ZenStyx en route!
Post by Lon on 09/03/11 at 12:45:02

Wow. Glad you are having such great sound with the Zen Styx out of the box, and I know you'll love the sound when burned in. I think the Styx are just phenomenal speaker cables, I've heard nothing else like them!

That Audiquest IC should open up a bit more with use, as you note it's not as good as the Decware, but not too far behind, better than many another. My 2 meter pair is not in the use at the moment as I have arranged both systems so that I am using all Decware in all places, a very fortuitous arrangement!

Title: Re: ZenStyx en route!
Post by Pale Rider on 09/03/11 at 15:06:01

If I had forgone the center ERRs, I probably could have found a way to keep all the components, or at least all the amps, close enough to use Decware ICs. With Steve offering RG6U cables in longer lengths, once everything is fully dialed in, I will order several 4-meter pairs to accommodate the more "distant" Torii, and possibly the 5.1 feed from the AppleTV and the PVR. I might be able to get those closer to the 5.1 switch and the Ultra. I have located a Toslink/SPDIF-to-5.1 Dolby Digital decoder that can switch two sources and output 5.1 analog RCA. If that works properly with both the PVR and the AppleTV, then combined with the Zektor 5.1 source switcher I located, I will have truly solved the challenge of the Ultra only having one 6-channel input. And in that case, then I may only have to get two 4m Tosllnk or coax cables. We'll see.

But even if I had some small center speakers, I still don't think I could get all four of the Ultra and three amps on to one ZRACK along with my Oppo, and even if I could, I would still need longer ICs for the other source components. So, either way, I will need some longer ICs somewhere in the chain.

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