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Title: Feeback
Post by Steve Deckert on 07/15/09 at 17:05:26

Dear Mr. Deckert,

After getting second-hand Z box last Oct., I've been having huge steps. It ( Z box ) tells me the steps to take.
3 months later, I got 40-50 tubes in my drawer. ( AX, AT, AU, AZ and BH7s ) Initial setting was Mac Pro - Z box - Crown D-75A( or PS-200 ) - Dynaudio BM5P.
All line cables are Belden88760 with Neutrik and Belden SP cable.
It required DAC. So I got quite good one from Taiwan. And got optical cable from Taiwan too. Then it requested to check cables. First I A/B tested SP cable with Belden 88760 ( line cable ).
88760 worked better. So changed the cable inside SP too.
Final step was solder......Japanese solder - silver and a little copper - had the best result so far.
Changed every soldering points. Then no needs for BH7s.
At the same time, it's changed whole music which I've been listening.  
I used to love Mark Knopfler, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani and so on. Now I can listen to only Jesse Cook, some Latin rock and classical guitars.  
That's OK and I can enjoy music better than ever. I will enjoy music rest of my life.... getting closer to the end. I enjoy playing music too.
I sold Acoustic G ( steel strings ) and got nylon electric G with RMC pick-up and pre-amp inside.
I have G SP ( open back, EV 12 inches ). Just plug into your G amp?
I've tried cheap Chinese mic pre/DI ( US design ) - Crown - EV....  
didn't work. because of piezo pick-up??? Or complicated mic pre????
I think I need only reverb sometime.
Another way of thinking.........I love Z box....I feel it naturally compresses very very gently and creates 3D images.  1U rack = Z box with Neutrik combo input ( XLR + 1/4 inch unbalanced ) and XLR your G amp's pre section with (XLR + 1/4 )output.
I don't play with DAW at this moment...........but very interesting for me.
Thank you very much for your help. Hoping to visit your place and listen ( if possible ) on the way to my son's graduation in Chicago.

Best Regards,

Yoshihisa Masui

Glad you're enjoying your ZBOX!  I like your attention to detail, ie., with tube rolling etc.  I'd love you have you visit.  Just call a week before your planning on coming down so I can be sure to schedule myself here when you arrive!

Also,  when things slow down a bit, I could build you a ZBOX in a commercial rack mount chassis with the options you need.  Probably be a good Fall or Winter project.


Title: Re: Feeback
Post by proud_indian on 07/18/09 at 08:32:15


Could a regulator tube be a possibility on the Z Box? A DIY on that would be great!!!

shreekant :)

Title: Re: Feeback
Post by Steve Deckert on 07/18/09 at 22:25:47

Yup.  I've done the OC2 on a ZBOX by simply replacing the 33K resistor in the power supply filter.  Just as is done on the ZKIT5.


Title: Re: Feeback
Post by proud_indian on 07/19/09 at 09:30:48

I was thinking on the same lines, and now that you have confirmed it, I shall give it a shot!!!


shreekant :)

Title: Re: Feeback
Post by Yosh on 07/22/09 at 21:20:00


I'll take your other advice - going to your G. amp. And stop the 1U rack idea.
I use 100V and 115V. Shipping to Japan.
And following is the pick-up company info.

The BMT-220G, 230G and Hybrid Pro G preamps have a medium impedance output capable
of driving an amplifier our sound mixer with 20K or greater input impedance. Output level is progressively lower when driving amplifiers having lower input impedances.
Guitar amplifiers typically have input impedances of 60K or more.

Simply click order? Or need another process?

Yesterday Zen Head came. Got it from eBay. It shows great possibility. However, distortion occurs constantly with a new battery. The more power, the more obvious. I do understand your original owner policy, but would you help?  


Title: Re: Feeback
Post by Steve Deckert on 07/23/09 at 17:10:14

Yes, it sounds like you will try the stock ZBOX with the 30 day trial.  You can just order it off the web site.  Our 120 volt also works well in Japan with 100 volts.

As for Zen Head, there should be no distortion.  What headphones are you using with it or are you using it as a line level preamp?  ALso what is the source component.



Title: Re: Feeback
Post by Yosh on 07/24/09 at 07:07:12

Ordered G. amp. Couldn't order the cage. Would you please send the cage payment procedure via pay/pal? Thanks.

RE: Zen Head
Signal coming out from iPod..... Ear(head)phone out and line out via pocket dock. Today, checked Mac Pro - optical cable - DAC to Zen Head too.
Line cords to Zen Head: Black one & my Belden 8873(?)+ Neutrik
Headphone: Grado HP-1 ( Al housing - 1st model ) modded. Skipped phase switch and cable changed to Belden 88760( line cable - about 30 ohm??? ) + Neutrik. To avoid adapter cable ( 1/4 to mini stereo ), changed 1/4 inch plug to mini stereo today.
Earphone: Panasonic modded. Mini stereo plug changed to Switchcraft's.

Earphone's distortion maybe caused by over powering. Checked Grado with much higher volume ( Crown power amp D-75A's headphone out ) and it sounds like crystal.
Both cases, usually distortion occurs volume around 12 o'clock or so. Last night it was at 8-9 o'clock on Grado sometime.

Also I changed 3 switches inside Zen Head, but it didn't effect the problem.

Even at low volume, I can feel it will sound great after the solution.

Thank you for your help.


Title: Re: Feeback
Post by Yosh on 07/31/09 at 22:01:30


Any help? Thanks.


Title: Re: Feeback
Post by Yosh on 08/20/09 at 02:36:11

Zen Head matter is over, because pay/pal accepted the return. I do understand it's between the eBay seller and me.

Almost 3 weeks have passed after ordering the guitar amp. Are you ready to ship? Is it possible to slip the Zen Head ( after careful sound check ) in the G amp shipping box? ( I can save shipping cost ) If you can, please send pay/pal bill.

Because of sudden family matters, I can't visit Chicago in Aug. Hopefully soon.

Zen Head shipping : Please do not include the short black cable ( mini stereo - mini stereo ), if you are attaching. I do not need it.

Waiting for your reply. Thanks.


Title: Re: Feeback
Post by Steve Deckert on 08/20/09 at 03:09:02

If someone sold you a Zen Head on ebay, and it didn't work properly when you received it, you should suggest to the seller that he contact us and have it repaired.  They come with a lifetime warranty so I am puzzled why someone would sell a damaged unit, unless perhaps it was damaged in transit by the shipper.   We don't want any damaged Zen Heads floating around out there causing problems for people or our reputation.


Title: Re: Feeback
Post by Yosh on 08/20/09 at 14:50:20

Please drop the idea of Zen Head order and do not send paypal bill for it.
Waiting for G amp delivery.



Title: Re: Feeback
Post by proud_indian on 11/05/09 at 04:07:24


There is a 1k2w resistor after the OC2 in the ZKit unlike the 33k without the OC2. Does this apply to the ZBox as well?

shreekant :)

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