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Message started by Jeff on 07/25/08 at 22:06:46

Title: Question about the plate kit.
Post by Jeff on 07/25/08 at 22:06:46

I am interested in building a tube preamp. I haven't done much electrical work. Replaced some passive electronics in an old fender bass. The typical wiring of car and home audio stuff.

Does this preamp kit come with a schematic, a plate I would have to drill (not a problem for me) and all the parts?
Or would I have to find some of my own parts?

Also, I'll be needing a phono preamp if i build this preamp. Does anyone know if Steve will be offering a kit for his phono preamp in the near future?

The Bottlehead kits are another option that look attractive, how do these compare? specifically the Foreplay line preamp and the seduction phono pre.

Title: Re: Question about the plate kit.
Post by Steve Deckert on 07/28/08 at 03:00:09

The ZSP-1 comes with a blank aluminum plate and a template so you can drill it out.  All the parts and schematic are supplied.  

As for a phono stage kit, yes, I have plans to offer the ZP3 circuit board as a kit, and a couple simple but good sounding preamps, also on boards.   The preamps in particular would be ideal for beginners.

Right now the best project we have for people learning to build is the SE84CDIY Kit.  That's a circuit board of our Zen Triode SET 2 watt amp.


Title: Re: Question about the plate kit.
Post by Jeff on 07/28/08 at 16:20:26

Thanks for your reply Steve.

My speakers sensitivity rating is 84db...not sure how 2 watts would work with that  :-/

I'd like to give line and phono stage preamps a try. How long do you think before there is info on a phono stage kit?
I think I could get the tech that retubed my Ampeg V4b to look my work over, which is nice.


Title: Re: Question about the plate kit.
Post by 76doublebass on 01/18/09 at 05:14:03

Jeff 84db Efficency is not near enough to drive 2 watts. You need atleast 90 DB efficency. Any of Steves speakers have atleast 92 DB efficency or more.;Usually atleast 94 DB or more.I have been running my Paradigm Atoms with 89 DB Efficency on my 84C Amp
and need to run them real hard all the way up to get the db levels I'm use to. And of course they will start to clip if I play program material with alot of dynamics. I did solve some of this problem by installing tweeters rated for 4 ohm load into my speakers. The amp liked this load very much.
Don :)

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