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Message started by Lon on 06/15/08 at 14:46:07

Title: Decware power cords
Post by Lon on 06/15/08 at 14:46:07

Well, I'm just a few days into the use of two of the Decware Power Cords, one each on my ZBox and my CSP2.

I don't believe they've finished their breakin period yet so I probably should not even be talking about their "sound."  They've replaced PS Audio "Prelude" cables of which I was very fond, my only complaint being that they were hard to "fit" snugly in the IEC housings. Well, the Decware cords present the same problems!

These cords at this time present a warm and open sound from the unit.  Different than the PS Audio sound which is a bit darker in presentation.  I hope the Decware will darken a bit, or warm up a bit, hard to describe, and I think they will.  There may be a smidgeon more dynamics in the system now with these in place; hard to quantify at this point.  Very very well made and attractive cords.  

I'd be interested in hearing comments from other users.  Thanks.

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by ZYGI on 06/17/08 at 13:08:59


  I wouldn't say they darken, but they do mellow over time.  I've had my power cables since Decfest '07 and haven't looked back.  And me not believing power cords could make that much difference. I have my power cords attached, so to speak, to the back of the furniture where the amps/pre-amps reside, and I wanted to put the Taboo and the CSP2 next to each other and was to lazy to un-attach the cable, so I used one of the stock cables for the CSP2, I couldn't get it to sound just right, then I remembered the power cords, it took an hour or so to get the other cord over to the CSP2 but it was worth it. You never know how good it is, until its taken away.


Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by Lon on 06/18/08 at 02:27:25

That's the truth Bob, we really do see how an item affects the sysem when it's removed.

It's been a few days now and the system sounds nice with these power cords, a bit different than the PS Audio ones (which I am very happy with) but not fundamentally so.  If they mellow more (I think they've mellowed a bit so far) they'll be great and will reside permanently!

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by Stone Deaf on 02/14/09 at 15:35:01

I am using the PS Audio Prelude power cords on my Taboo, CSP2 and ZP3 they look like big siphon hoses sticking up from behind the transformers. Are the Decware power cords more limber? It has been an interesting journey getting all the cords and interconnects routed just right so everything sounds good and the whole thing doesn't look like a bad science project. Everyone that sees my system takes a moment like they are in total shock.

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by Lon on 02/14/09 at 17:20:47


Yes, they are much more limber and therefore easier to place and use. They also sound excellent.  After a few weeks they mellow into a great and accurate sound, so to speak.

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by Lon on 04/27/10 at 18:34:59

I recently ordered another Decware power cord.  These cords are excellent.  I hope to use the new cord for the ZDAC-1.

I did "shoot-outs" between these cables and the PS Audio and a Tara Labs power cord that I have. Though the other cords are very good I admit I prefer the Decware, even over a PS Audio Xstream Statement that I have. For a long time I was using that for my amps (Integrated, Torii Mark II and Mark III). But I clearly preferred the sound of the Decware cord with the Mark III. Warmer, a bit more dynamic.

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by Pale Rider on 05/06/11 at 23:41:19

Glomming on to your old thread here Lon. I admit to being a curmudgeon about the whole power cord megabuxx trend. But with the increasing resolution of my headphone rigs, I began to be able to hear differences among cables, and not just ICs. My first improvement was to buy Iron Lung Jellyfish for all my components, and they did make a difference, one most easily discerned on sustained piano notes. I have not done a shoot-out of the quality Lon describes, because I had not bought power cables in the higher ranges. But the Decware power cords have proved worth it to me to step up. My second oneófor the ZSTAGEóshipped today, along with the ICs for the same box, and you can bet my Ultra and Torii amps will have the same power cords and ICs.

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by Lon on 05/07/11 at 12:57:56

Hey Pale Rider,

Glad you experimented and found that the Decware cords are a real bargain and work so so well with Decware components. I need to buy a few more in time for my second system which is mostly PS Audio and TARA Labs cords, with an Audioquest "8" connector cord as well.

I did get offered for an incredible deal an older version of the top of the line PS Audio "AC" cords and that one sounds incredible on my Torii Mk III, better than any other cord. And I tried a My Audio Cable Digital cable on my Sony SACD-XA5400ES and it's stayed there; it seems very much like a Decware cord. My CSP2 is run by the above-mentioned PS Audio XStream Statement because I think it edges out a Decware cord there, and all other components are run on Decware cords except the DVR which has a captive cord, and I don't own it so I haven't spliced in an EIC connection.

The combination is part of what makes my system what it is. And I love the sound!  FIfteen years ago I would have laughed at the idea that a power cord makes a difference, but I've had a lot of good laughs at my audio obsession and all the paths it's taken since then!

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by Lon on 05/07/11 at 13:01:59

And yes, the Decware interconnects. I've twice before I bought my first sets of these paid twice as much for other interconnects. . .and they're good, and they're in my second system now. Nothing has bested the Decware interconnects for components (Decware and non-Decware) for me so far, and I don't think I'll continue trying to find one that does! The only one that comes close is a silver Audioquest that I bought heavily discounted that is 2 meters long that I was using for my DVR before I bought the ZDAC-1 and went that route for DVR sound. It's almost as good as the Decware, being perhaps a bit less refined and a bit warmer, a really good fit for a component in my second system. But it was originally three times the cost of a Decware cable! (I got it very very cheap).

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by Pale Rider on 05/07/11 at 14:36:51

The combination is part of what makes my system what it is. And I love the sound! †FIfteen years ago I would have laughed at the idea that a power cord makes a difference, but I've had a lot of good laughs at my audio obsession and all the paths it's taken since then!

Indeed, same here. It's a great combo of the rational and the inexplicable. BTW, if the Decware ICs are in your second system, the Audioquest are in your first? Grover Huffman built me a wonderful set of balanced ICs when I was running my Apache. But when I switched to the Taboo, I needed something different. The Decware ICs have been marvelous. Can't wait for the second pair to arrive.

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by Lon on 05/07/11 at 14:48:03

Sorry if I wasn't clear. All the ICs in my main system are Decware; the ones I had previously, that cost twice as much, were moved to my seconc system as I bought Decware ones. Although they do take time to burn in, I've not found any that work better in the system than the Decware ones, and I've stopped looking.

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by Pale Rider on 05/07/11 at 17:17:44

Understood. I misread. Am in agreement, too. I am not looking anymore.

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by NormD on 09/21/17 at 19:02:34

So a lot has happened on the Power cord front in the years since the last post here, some cords being patented.

Iím looking for an appropriate power cord for my PS Audio Power Plant P5. Should I splurge on a PSA AC-10 (used $400) or -12?  A high end WireMold?  Or use the Decware cord?

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by Lon on 09/21/17 at 19:29:15

I've used power cords from Decware, My Audio Cable, Tara LABS, Cardas, Analysis Plus and PS Audio. I decided that the PS Audio worked the best for ME in MY system, and worked my way up the ladder til I had AC-12s on all components.

But, like interconnects, I find that power cables are very "taste-" and "system-" dependent. Experimentation is not always possible, but can be the best way to find the "best" cabling.

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by Lon on 09/21/17 at 20:46:26

Interesting to read a thread from nine years ago and posts from six years ago and realize how much has changed in my system!

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by DrDave on 01/06/19 at 08:20:27

Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd add another positive comment regarding the Decware Power Cords. †

I ordered 2 (one for my Torii Jnr, the other for my ZStage). †It took some time to get them with me being here in Australia. †Sarah had to help source some Australian compliant Furutech plugs to fit the cables. †

Sarah was so good with keeping in touch and following up. †She does a great job there.

I replaced the standard power cables Steve supplies with the new ones.

I must admit I am very happily surprised at the difference they made to the sound. †Everything now seems more settled and relaxed in the sound. †Basically - more of everything good and less of the bad.  (Not that I noticed anything bad before... I love the Decware gear.)

They also look at treat †;D

For the price the improvement seems about right. †I can definitely recommend these cables to other Decware users. †The quality and cost pay off is what I would expect from Decware. Very good.

Kind regards,

David Bonser

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by JOMAN on 03/08/19 at 20:09:10

Recently I changed all the power cords to all the components to DHC-1ís with a modification on the cords.  I changed the connectors to Furutech F-11G IEC and F11C plug for the supply to the Power Line conditioner, ZR2, CSP-3 and the UFO-25.  On the. DHC-1 to the OPPO BDP-103D and the ZDSD I put Neotech Gold plugs and IECís.  Parts Connexion had these on for $49.95 a pair so I thought why not.

I did these mods along with other mods to my XStyx cables and in stages so itís hard for me to say exactly how much of a change these mods made but changes they did make because they are still in the burn in process.

The first was a cable going to the power conditioner, a DHC-1 with Furutech connectors.  The difference it made to the video stream going to the Pioneer Kuro Elite was very noticeable.  The color saturation and contrast increased to the point that I had to adjust the settings on the TV and Oppo.  Not that it was bad to start with, but when you take very good and make it better by a good margin, then you know that thereís a difference.

So Iím confident that if you buy the DHC-1 especially pre owned a change of connectors is a worthwhile investment, either way.  Just be judicious about the connectors you choose.

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by will on 03/09/19 at 04:23:14

I really enjoy those old-style Neotech power cable ends too Joman, though I thought they were no longer available. They have come and gone from partsconnexion over time. Having tried them after some Furutech Copper and Golds, and really liking the Neotech, especially at the price, I got several more pairs some years ago for I thinkĪ 40 a pair.

I am considering buying a pair of the new models from Soniccraft, now with a great site-wide sale. The design looks more solid, perhaps a better damping/resonance solution. I suspect they are really good. Jeff, there, also carries Neotech made-up raw cable that I think is quite good if you get in a mood to try something else. I think Neotech's strong point is the UPOCC (ultra pure, ohno continuous cast) copper and silver, in their wires, cables, and cable ends...a real breakthrough in conductors I think for natural sound with speed and transparency. These cables sound pleasantly musical while being transparent and complete to me, a nice shielded cable if one is needed. I used an 11 gauge with Neotech Gold plated ends on my Torii for years, and now it is the most transparent cable I have for my Singxer USB converter. Interesting how different cables can show different qualities more completely with different gear! Making my cables for a long time, I never got Decware PCs, so can't say how it might compare.

Recently, on my main power cord I made especially for my PSAudio P5, super transparent to open up the P5, I traded some of those early sale Neotech Rhodiums for "Viborg VM502R+VF502R Pure Copper/Rhodiums" from ebay for 83/pair, and liked them right away. They are pretty heavy construction leaning in the direction of the high dollar Furutechs over the light-weight Neotechs. Interesting how solid build with good design and materials can lead to solid sound with nice balance and clarity, and lighter build can lead to a different, more ethereal transparency if good design. Fully burned in now, I should AB the Neotechs, but like these Viborgs on this cable well enough not to care.

For other ends, I have used Furutech Copper, Gold, still using both, and carbon fiber/rhodiums that either fell of a truck in China, or are really good copies of Furutech AC FI-50M-NCF(R) and FI-50M (R) at a huge "discount!" Whatever they are, I think the ones I got are really good. I recall a notable solidity with great transparent speed and smooth power to them (no pun intended), with pretty big and relatively tight bass when I first put them in. This was on a Furutech "FP-S032N Nano Power Cable, 3 x 12awg, Fine Stranded Nano Silver Gold Liquid Alpha-OFC Conductor." I changed from Neotech Rhodium ends. For this cable, I recall 1st impressions being too dark for me, but after burnin, being like some other Furutech things I have tried, "colored," but pleasantly so, with notable smooth warmth that did not sacrifice textures and fine detail, and having extra deep, but solid bass once burnt in. Difficult to work with though having to be very careful with the very fine copper strands coated with nano particle gold and silver oil!

There are a lot of variations on these "Furutech" ends from various sellers in China, but some (like mine) look identical to Furutech as best I can tell, and I like the sound....

All that said, I like all these connectors for their individual characters and qualities, but the old style gold Neotech is a nice favorite in general. The simplicity and PCOCC copper core, with quality gold plating, they offer great "gold/copper qualities" slightly warm transparency and complexity.

Anyway, since you are in modding mode, I thought I would comment on some cable ends I have liked.

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by JOMAN on 03/09/19 at 21:08:26

Glad that you commented Will!  Sometimes when I get in the modding mode I wonder if Iím the only one.  Lotís of good info.  All of this started after I got my UFO-25 and realized that I had to take care of all the weak links in the system.  One really doesínt get the full experience of that amp until the weak links are taken care of.

I do think the older Neotech AC connectors are discontinued and thatís too bad, my impressions of them are the same as yours.  I found the Furutech Copper plugs to be very lively but a little too ďhotĒ.  Then I came across a review where they mixed brands, IEGO with Furutech and liked the results.  So I wondered what would happen if I mix the Furutech Copper Plug with a Furutech Gold IEC.  ANd I liked the results, still lively but tamed in a good way.

Now Iím on to my speakers, OMEGA S3HOXRS.  Changing the binding posts.  My Omegas have the Dayton Audio Nickel Plated posts.  Iím changing them to Furutech FT-865 Gold.  These are now discontinued and only available in Rhodium.  I managed to get the last 2 pairs that Take Five Audio had on a discount.  I decided to make the change after I put a set of Furutech FT-211G Spades on my ZStyx cables.  So impressed with the construction of these and the results, although you have to struggle a bit through the first 10 - 15 hours.

Anyway glad to know Iím not alone in this modding pond.

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by will on 03/10/19 at 02:04:56

Sounds fun. I recall trying two different ends on power cables at some point. Can't quite remember, but I think I may have finally found it a little disorienting, the qualities that seemed good to mix at first, finally taking some things away too? Don't know, I should try again.

Yes I have been in modification mode too. After a lot of cable work, some refinements of the HR-1s, and occasional work inside my Torii III, my experiments started getting more intense about 2.5 years ago. Inside the Torii IV, CSP3, and Gustard DAC, it has been an amazing trip. The DAC is seriously modified, but I was mostly following the ideas others had discovered.

But the amps, with loads of experiments, I mainly changed one thing at a time in order to hear it and find out if it is good enough to go forward. This was the criteria, each change had to be notably better and balanced before moving to the next. And if not quite there, I tried another cap, wire, resistor, connector... †It has been a long time...lots of experiments, often daily, but exciting and educational.

It started pretty casually with volume pots that had become hard to clean up, coupling caps in the Torii, and a few power supply bypass caps in both. All pretty revealing shifts, especially the power cap bypasses were so good, even with so-so caps at first, it set me on the long path. With a few trials, I also noticed the right changes with even insignificant seeming resistors could be good. Like with caps, another labyrinth of choices and synergistic potential opened up. And wires, power and signal, different types and sizes quite different. Careful damping by sound... A big, tricky balancing act. Now seemingly into final refinement, from IECs and RCAs to binding posts, extensive power supply tuning, parts and wires I preferred in lots of places, it is beyond anything I could have imagined.

Been working a lot on ICs off and on too, also nearly to a point of not being able to hear anything I can improve on, but the amps really sucked me in! Nearly finished, my whole system is tuned....what next!

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by JOMAN on 03/10/19 at 22:14:10

ďwhat next!Ē  Thatís a dangerous question....  The never ending story...

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by DanG on 04/25/19 at 02:22:55

The DHC-1 is a treat. I had a cryo-treated Copper/Copper power cord, I thought that it made a big difference from the stock cord. But the Decware DHC-1 beat it right out of the box. Better bass, deeper sound stage. The timbre of the instruments is better. I didn't expect such a big difference.

I like the lighter weight of the DHC-1, too. It means I can use it with my turntable. I couldn't do that with the cryo-treated Copper/Copper, too heavy, too stiff, too unflexible.

The DHC-1 is elevating my whole system.

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by Steve Deckert on 04/25/19 at 04:02:17

Hi Dan,

Thank you for joining the forum and posting!  I have always found the DHC-1 at the point of diminishing returns as far as power cords go having seen it best many contenders, some at stupid prices too.  Keep us posted as things progress and enjoy!

Thanks again,


Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by SunSamba on 09/24/19 at 19:08:15

I did an audition of powercords with the Cable Company along with the Decware power cords and eventually realized the Decware powercords sounded better than even cords that were in the $400+ range. The sound was relaxed and i could hear into the equipment so well. Sound even better after about 3 weeks. I now have 3 of them and 2 Decware Silver interconnects - well worth it! †:)

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by bikehappy1 on 11/21/19 at 03:28:07

I trust Steveís sense of value vs. quality. Itís what started all of this!  Especially the quality part!

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by norolex on 01/28/20 at 18:19:07

There are many power cord characteristics to experience and evaluate, however, one of the more important ones for me has become a cord's ability to get out of the way. Especially with respect to acoustic bass. I've owned many many cords but very few have been able to get out of the way enough for me in this regard. I want to hear acoustic bass that sounds as close to small jazz club LIVE as possible. Over and over again I read how TIGHT the bass sounds with such and such cord. I want LOOSE bass! I want to be able to 'see' the supple hands of a great bass player moving all over the instrument.
I recently replaced a new cord I've been trying with my Torii MKIV with one I had made from Western Electric vintage wire. The WE wire cord is much more LIVE sounding. Does anyone have any comments about the Decware cord in this regard?

Title: Re: Decware power cords
Post by ArtMan on 04/14/20 at 21:29:26


I don't know if this response is relevant to you now but I can answer your question. In the last year I have replaced all the cables in my system. With the exception of my USB cable, are all Decware and all are silver based. My USB cable is from Curious and is also silver based.

My last step has been two Decware silver based power cables. My power cables are now burned in enough that I have tell you what I hear with them connected to my DAC and amp. In terms of bass I would describe the sound as solid, quick and articulate. †With my SE84UFO, Caintuck †Lii 15 speakers and Denafrips Pontus DAC, the bass can often sound eerily real, in a good way.

If I read your post correctly, I think you would be pleased.

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