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Message started by WLP on 04/29/08 at 22:28:56

Title: HDT mk2 construction pics
Post by WLP on 04/29/08 at 22:28:56

Thought I would post some photos of the current hdt mk2 project.  I'm wrapping the speakers with mahogany veneer and will apply a matte finish to it.  I did want to cut the top dispersion plates out of matching solid mahogany, but will have to switch to mdf b/c the lighter solid wood might create some problems with the bass response.  Due to the lack of access to precision tools (good table saw, router table, etc) I'm having to do a lot of fitting.

Title: Re: HDT mk2 construction pics
Post by WLP on 05/14/08 at 22:37:12

Priming the top dispersion plates.  Please note that pool maintenance takes back seat to speaker construction.

Title: Re: HDT mk2 construction pics
Post by WLP on 05/20/08 at 23:01:43

Drivers mounted and breaking in . . .

Title: Re: HDT mk2 construction pics
Post by WLP on 05/20/08 at 23:07:49

Just need to decide what shade of black to finish the top plates with . . .

and how to build the permanent mounts for the tweeters from these pieces of mahogany

. . . any suggestions?

Title: Re: HDT mk2 construction pics
Post by musgofasa on 07/19/08 at 16:44:09


I can say that you have done one fantastic job. After cutting out almost all of the parts and having proper tools (new table saw and router and jig saw etc) I fear mine won't look nearly as good. I think that if I like these, I will be rebuilding with MDF and veneer rather than with the ply I am using currently.

For anyone who hasn't built an HDT, these things aren't easy. This may be the most complicated thing I have ever put together! lol

As far as the dispersion plates, are you wanting a glossy, piano black finish or something less? Also I was wondering if you might have been able to veneer those as well? Not sure how that would look with the tweeter. I know RFZQuest did his with hardwood, but the cabinets were made from ply like mine.

lots of choices eh?

How do you like them so far?

Take care,

Title: Re: HDT mk2 construction pics
Post by WLP on 07/21/08 at 12:56:01

I first tried a hammered black finish, but could only get it to come out right one time.  Decided on the semi-gloss black for the plates.  You could veneer the dispersion plates, but it would be really tough with all the roundovers on the edges.  How do I like them?  These are amazing speakers . . . accurate, smooth, balanced . . they just sound right.  I did go through several versions of internal dampening before settling on the combination that sounds right to my ears.  I'll have to say that removing dampening sheets from the bottom chamber after assembly required some interesting technique.  Almost thought I would have to break out a jig saw to free me hand once or twice.  I do agree with you that this is a very complicated build.  But well worth the effort.

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