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Message started by musgofasa on 07/02/07 at 17:56:40

Title: Space between the horns
Post by musgofasa on 07/02/07 at 17:56:40

Hi guys,

I was wondering about the space between the horns. The room I am moving to is 22x13 with an 8' ceiling, but the front wall is an outside wall of the house. There is no way to have the opening between the speakers. I have to use this as my front wall for various reasons. I also can't build a knee wall there due to a window that will be in the way. I was just wondering if putting absorption on the front wall between them would be a good idea or if I might be able to extend the horn out and around the TV on that wall by creative use of my equipment rack build and get away with it?

Basically, how important is that space? Should I build something else and not worry about it? I am definitely going to be getting a pair of Steve's new drivers even if I can't use the horns. I may build them first and put my 126s in them just to see what happens. I will probably build them just for the experience and fun, but if they are going to sound bad, I was wondering if anyone could give me a heads up on it before i start construction.

take care,

Title: Re: Space between the horns
Post by Jet-Lee on 07/10/07 at 21:46:30

IIRC Hadn't Steve suggested building damped cubes to put between then horn and the fixed wall, when a knee-wall can't be built?

Maybe I was seeing things, but I thought I remember him saying something to that effect.

EDIT-Yup! I found it!

Title: Re: Space between the horns
Post by musgofasa on 07/11/07 at 17:44:21

Hey Jet,

The boxes Steve described there are basically a knee wall from the way I interpret it. He said to put the boxes in between the horn and the wall. That tells me he is making the box some 60" deep and 24 wide so that there is a drop way back from the driver to the wall. I only have about 24" between the corner and that first window so I can't push the speakers out into the window like that.

I will definitely do diffusion like a hanging rug or something 2-3" off the front wall between the speakers, but if that alcove is so important, I am afraid they won't sound as good as I am hoping.

In any case, it will be several months before I do anything with them so I ahve plenty of time to hit Steve up with ideas lol. I may even catch him at Decfest if I can and "corner" him. (pun intended  [smiley=peanuts01.gif])

Thanks for the input,

Take care,

Title: Re: Space between the horns
Post by Jet-Lee on 07/11/07 at 19:54:35

Ah, my bad. Didn't pay too much attention to the measurements as it doesn't pertain to me, but I see your predicament, now.

Let us know what you do; others will benefit.


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