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Message started by michu on 05/19/07 at 08:39:59

Title: Some questions about building HDTs
Post by michu on 05/19/07 at 08:39:59

Hello everybody,
I'm new to DECWARE forums, but I have spent some days looking through it and I'm sure it is a nice and helpful community. I just ordered HDT prints (with parts) and drivers, and while I'm waiting for the package being shipped the long way to Poland, I'd like to start building cabinets. After looking at PDFs available on DECWARE website after purchase, I have some questions, as it is the first time I will be building speaker columns:

1. What is included in HDTs blueprints that isn't available in PDF files? From the description on site I know that I'll get an exploded view of cabinets, which will be very helpful, but what else? Any tips, detailed instructions, pictures of details like passives, etc.?

2. What is the right order of building HDTs? Or, in other words, can I assemble, close and finish cabinets before I get drivers and other parts? Or maybe I should wait with some step until I get parts, because installing them into finished cabinets will be tricky or impossible?

3. In PDF plans I don't see any mention about dampening materials. Doesn't HDTs use any of them, or should I install them based on my (non existing) experience, or will I get instructions with HDT prints?

4. Port tubes in the bottom part of cabinets - as I understand, I have to purchase them separately on my own, as they aren't included in HDTPRINTS kit. I have found some tubes of the right size that are available in Poland, but they aren't made of one piece - they are sizable in telescopic way. Will such port tubes be OK? Please look at the vendor site:

5. Wiring - how should I plan and prepare for speaker wiring while I'm building cabinets? Any tips?

6. Anything else I should keep in mind or be prepared for?

Thanks for all the replies and tips. Please keep in mind that the only documentation I've seen up to now is PDF files available for me after purchasing HDTPRINTS. Complete blueprints will arrive in few weeks, and I'd like to have done as much as possible before then.


Title: Re: Some questions about building HDTs
Post by Falconer on 05/19/07 at 13:34:24

Welcome Michu,
I built my set last year, so I'll try to answer most of your questions. Zygi will be able to answer any questions you might have, he builds them for Steve D.
1.The exploded view is on the blueprint along with other stuff but I can't remember what right now. If your not used to reading blueprints the exploded view will be helpful to you. The passives are simple to install, cut out a hole for the passives and then cut a rabbit around the edge for the passives, apply the glue (comes with the kit)then drop in the passive(secure it in the opening until glue dries).
2.I built mine in this order. Cut out the sides, including rabbits and holes for drivers & passives and bottom back port. Cut out the port plate, top & bottom plates. Assemble the sides with port plate installed(it might help to have the port tubes already glued in the plate). Install dampening behind the driver. install the top and bottom plates. Apply your finish to the speakers, install your driver and passives.
3. There is dampening used, I'll have to locate my file for the speakers and see if I can find anything on it.
4. I used white pvc conduit for the port tubes, do you have anything similar in Poland?
5. Just drill a hole in the middle of the cross pieces right behind the driver, you can run your wiring from the driver side to your binding posts, make your connections to the binding posts and then leave a little extra to make your connection to the driver.
6. TAKE YOUR TIME, MEASURE TWICE CUT ONCE. If you'll do those two things your speakers will come out fine. I will try to find all the info I have on the HDT in case you have more questions. Good luck with your build and please post pictures.

Title: Re: Some questions about building HDTs
Post by michu on 05/20/07 at 07:46:35

Hi Falconer,
Thanks for your answers! It's all much clearer now. I'd be really glad if you found anything about dampening, because it may be possible for me to get to that part next weekend. The only place where I could have my MDF ordered nearby has a very precise cutting machine, so I could get it already pre-cut with 0.5 mm tolerance. That is cool! So what's left for me to be done is to make all holes and rabbits, and then assemble it all together.

About PVC conduits - sure we have something like that, I just didn't thought about it and started with looking in online catalogues under 'speaker parts'. It seemed to me that the material used to make speaker ports is much more dense and rigid than PVC, so probably better acoustically? And having that flap around one end will make perfectly perpendicular installation a snap. But if you say that PVC tube worked for you, it sure will work for me too.

Thanks again and have a nice Sunday.

Title: Re: Some questions about building HDTs
Post by sbmarr on 05/21/07 at 21:57:00

Hi michu,

I am nearly finished building HDT speakers with the new DFR-8 and the alt tuning kit. I found a pdf file on Decware regarding the placement of foam for the inside of speaker if using the alt tuning kit, heres the link
I am still waiting for the DFR-8s to arrive from Decware and trying to decide what wood laminate to use on the outside MDF. If I think of anything else might help I will post it.

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