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The ZSP-1  (Stereo Preamp ver. 1) represents the first in a soon to be entire range of simple kits built on a flat plate.  Attractive hardwood (or aluminum) bases complete the chassis for a top quality look.  The ZSP-1 comes with all the parts shown above (except tubes), and a 12 page assembly manual complete with schematics, assembly tips, layout templates, and a high resolution layout photo.  

The circuit for this 5 tube stereo preamp was designed by Steve Deckert in the Zen tradition with top grade parts.  It has a sound that is equal in quality to all of our well respected Zen Triode Gear.

It features a massively over-size power supply, tube rectifier, and dual paralleled triode gain stages (one for each channel) feeding paralleled cathode followers.  Giving it the advantage of a very low impedance but high voltage output.  This makes it able to drive almost anything including long runs of cable.  It has one pair of inputs and one pair of outputs with a simple ganged volume control by ALPS.  

The sound is clean and open, no noise or hum with excellent dynamics and control.  Just a hint of warmth makes it ideal with both solid state and tube amplifiers alike.  

Tubes can be rolled with 6922, 6DJ8 or 6N1P in any combination.


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