Single tube power supply kit

Perfect for our ZKIT4 gain stage.

Thanks to the new Decware EM0705 Power transformer, projects with a single tube are easier than ever!  If you've ever tried to find a small high quality transformer like this you already know it's not easy!

This transformer has a dual primary 120V / 240V with a 125V 15ma secondary and a 12.6 volt 0.3A heater supply.

The kit above is a simple but very effective supply for a single tube, such as a 12AX7.   INCLUDED but not shown are 4 diodes to create the bridge and one 3 position terminal strip.

Mounting centers on transformer are 2-13/16th inches.  Height is 2.0 inches. Width is 2.0 inches.


SCHEMATIC of ZKIT5 (standard supply)


 SCHEMATIC of ZKIT5.1 (tube regulated supply)






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Transformer, caps, resistor, diodes, terminal strip.



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Transformer, caps, resistors, diodes, terminal strip, OC2 tube, socket.






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