Get the ultimate clean tone or wind it up and get a gentle controlled break-up.

Ideal for recording because it has no noise and no hum. It is without question the quietest guitar amp in the world with less than 0.5 mv of hum.

Responds wonderfully to your favorite peddle or processors too!

Using a single 12 inch Greenback in an open back cabinet you can expect a versatile combo that sounds great with almost every guitar.


Get this 12 watt single-ended amp if you're looking for sound quality and reliability. It has a lifetime warranty for a reason.

Simple tone control, presence switch and volume control.  Also popular with harp players!



  • Single Ended CLASS A operation
  • 1 channel mono
  • Custom output & power transformers
  • 6Bq5 / EL84 output tubes
  • Self-biasing for optimum performance
  • Tube rectified power supply
  • Dual presence switch
  • Point-to-point hand wired
  • High Quality input jack
  • Oversize power supply
  • Uses 12AX7 or 12AT7 or 12AU7 Input tube
  • High reliability / low maintenance
  • Optional Cage available
  • Computer grade supply caps
  • Polypropylene signal caps
  • Volume and Tone controls
  • No circuit boards!

In a world of mass production the need for hand-assembled point-to-point construction using the finest parts becomes self evident. Sticking with the Zen tradition we've designed for you a remarkable little jewel! This was built utilizing 35 years of experience as a guitar player myself.

It boasts:

Superior construction
Quality parts
Extreme reliability
 Excellent price

Let's talk about tone - Due to the class A single-ended design and minimal signal path approach this amp portrays all the harmonic textures your instrument is capable of. Between the tone control and presence switch you can dial in just the right amount of tube warmth or bite. When cranked up the high gain triode preamp stage lets any pickup configuration overdrive the output circuit with a singing sustain that drips with vintage karma!

This little beast has a surprising amount of bark thanks to two parallel output tubes and the tube rectifier gives natural compression at higher levels making this a superb choice for close-miking live or studio applications. The biggest advantage is: Big rich tone without going deaf which can enrich creative "mood enhanced playing." This product is a necessity for all musicians seeking harmonic correctness and quality without boutique prices.

It brings us great joy to offer you the SE84G.

-Doc Lancaster


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