Steve Deckert of DECWARE Many manufacturers claim their gear has the best sound. Maybe they've gotten fat heads from all the positive reviews they get in the magazines they advertise in.  

Decware products are hand crafted works of art, NOT mass produced audio jewelry.  Our Zen approach to the creation process is free of audio politics and anything else that poisons the sound. And frankly we're better at it than most.  

- Steve Deckert / Zen Master Audio Guru


It would be a little out there, yea, but if you can back it up... it's a different story. Our products are very different from the majority of main-stream, retailed hi-fi gear!

It all keys off the differences in the design and manufacturing process.

Mass produced hi-fi gear is designed for a specific market and to hit a specific price point. Decware gear on the other hand is designed from the curiosity of wondering how good something can sound. Actually manufacturing it is never considered until well after the fact when something sounds too good not to share it!

The price of mass produced hi-fi gear covers the cost of advertising the product and a mark up for the reps and dealers. This, of course, is what created the need to always get a "special deal" on your audio gear...sometimes the importance of the deal eclipses the fidelity of the component.  People forget that a thousand dollars retail, minus the mark ups, is about $400.00 in parts.

Our gear on the other hand is not designed for retail.  It is hand-built the old school way with over 70 years of combined experience in the art of soldering.  We sell it factory direct to the customer.  The "special deal" in that is simple; a thousand dollars spent here gets you twice the quality.

After the amplifiers are built, we (not a machine) listen to them carefully. And when we listen, we do it in our reference room with a large variety of speakers. Nothing leaves that isn't perfect, and under these conditions we can really hear if it is.

So dollar for dollar, if retail audio gear can't compete that leaves the smaller boutique shops. The ones that price the gear with too many zeros are lucky if they sell 5 or 10 pieces a year, world wide. The ones who don't overprice their creations are often also limited by their experience. Many start as DIY guys who arguably built themselves some very good sounding amplifiers.

The test of a great amplifier design doesn't exist in the DIY circles because no one sees how many times an amplifier can be exactly duplicated without unexpected differences. Once you build the same amp 25 times the design is either repeatable and stable or has failed.  It's pretty hard to build the same amp 25 times without figuring out ways to make it better. 

We've been blessed by the experience over the past 12 years of hand building and selling some five thousdand amplifiers, one at a time, direct to real people like yourself, prefaced with phone conversations both before and after the sale.  This massive amount of direct feedback straight from the owners has proven to be another huge advantage for improving our designs that would not have been possible if our products were sold through dealers. Yup, we're interested in how you think it sounds, not what a dealer thinks.

Build quality and skill mean nothing if the design doesn't bring about special results. You can be certain that the common way of doing things yields predictable and common results. There's so much of that on the market it's getting hard to breath. Our products will connect you with the music in profound ways. Based on the Zen concept of simplicity and balance where less is often more.

People seem to like being able to purchase audio gear when they can pick up the phone and talk to the designers of that gear every time they call.  It adds value to your purchase.  Also when you build gear that doesn't fail and has lifetime warranties, it holds it's value on the used market far better than retail hi-fi gear.

We've built this company with honest business ethics and a genuinely pure passion for music reproduction and sell our products with the lowest possible margins.  Since audiophiles equate fidelity with price, many will assume an amp or speaker costing five times more has to be better than Decware.  I can assure you, the jokes on them.

And finally, with regard to advertising and reviews; to those who don't see the correlation between advertising dollars and the resulting reviews in main stream audio rags, I've always said that ignorance is bliss in this hobby.  I've always seen this as the dark side of audio and simply avoided it.  We have never advertised in magazines or supplied free gear to get reviews.    

Steve Deckert




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