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“This is the best book I’ve read on car audio!” 
-David Ford, Lufkin TX
“If you’re new to car audio, or of average intelligence on the subject, this fun to read book will make all the costly mistakes for you!” 
-Chris Bothem, Daytona Beach FL
“Being in the car audio business, I have to tell you that there is so much written between the lines here that I laughed myself to tears!” 
-Ron Johnston, Vista CA

Secrets of Car Audio is (C) 2013 by Steve Deckert

Secrets of Car Audio Package

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Includes a 14 day free trial to our “Insider’s Edge Car Audio Master Class” - a six part video series that takes the information in the book and shows you how to apply it on your own car with the gear you already have! The price of this course is normally 14.95 a week times 6 weeks but the first two weeks are included FREE when you buy the book for $39.95! Starting with week three you will be emailed a Master Class Video at 14.95 until the course is complete on week six.  You can cancel the course at any time.  Comes with a 100% money back guarantee!

Did you know... Due to accumulating inefficiencies in the average car stereo install most systems hit only half as hard as they should?

You can learn how to double the power of your existing system without buying more gear!  Just watch this video!