BUILD YOR OWN  Zen Triode amplifier




Model SE84C KIT

For experienced tube amp builders we offer all of the parts and pre-punched poweder coated chassis need to construct your own SE84C+. Premium tubes & schematic included.

120/240 VOLTS 50/60Hz
$ 579.00

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Upgrade parts KIT

For those who want to sonically convert a model SE84B or SE84C to an SE84CS we provide the parts including the 5U4 rectifier tube.  Front input jacks are not included.

$ 78.00

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EX conversion KIT

For those who want to change their SE84C or SE84CS to favor high impedance loads between 8 and 16 ohms we offer the EX transformers to replace the originals.

$ 119.00 pair

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