My Corner Horns

The corner horns pictured above are one of my original designs (as are the Radials also pictured) and they use a single 6 inch driver and a ribbon tweeter or no tweeter at all as is the case in the picture.  Right now a pair of Lowther DX55's are being tested in the corner horns.  The entire listening room is designed to favor these horns since they have been my reference throughout the years.  For a room this small you will never hear a larger more expansive sound stage.  Nothing is deeper and nothing is wider.  The Radials are a close second.  

Below is a rear view when they are pulled out from the corners.  These speakers use the actual wall for part of the enclosure, and must be sealed with a good gasket to the wall.  The open cavities on the top and bottom are sand filled after installation.

The lens that sits on top (removed in the lower photo) is a high frequency lens driven by a small 1 inch compression driver by ElectroVoice.  It is not used in this small room, but was enjoyed in larger rooms over the years.

These speakers are the only pair in the world, and one of my better kept secrets until this year when I started posting about them to generate some interest in possible blueprints and or assembled cabinets in the future..

When I complete a second pair and draft the blueprints I will make it easy to find on the web site so just check back from time to time.  Until then I really have no additional information on them.  Anyone is welcome to come and listen.


More information can be read on these horns here.