White Paper

Model LRK-210



The Low Rider was designed as the box to beat when installed into the trunks of cars in such a way as to fit all the way back against the rear seat and under the package tray where 12" is the maximum height available in most cars. 

The design revolves around the classic single reflex band pass, offering a sealed rear chamber for tight controlled bass and a varo-vented front chamber for wide bandwidth and stable impedance's. 

The rear chamber is common to both woofers offering a lower frequency response and a true monaural bass even if driven by dual channel amplifiers in stereo. 

The porting technique is high performance. The port lengths are all 3/4 of an inch making the port wall thickness of each several inches. There are no port wall resonance's as a result of this technique. In addition, the location of the port arrays being in close proximity to the end of a narrowing chamber creates a perfect varo-vent meaning the port array resonates at more than one frequency. The flared ports, four in each array, offer low mach speeds for quiet operation, and the absence of "port tubes" to color the sound. 

Simple but effective shape greatly reduces internal parallel surface reflections for flat response at higher output levels.



Box Parameters of the Low Rider using the DHM-108 woofers



Listening tests confirmed this to be one of our higher output designs easily able to out perform a typical pair of 12's or 15's in the lower octave 20 Hz to 40 Hz range. Easily hidden, this box with it's audiophile sound is ideal for competition installs. 


Frequency Response of the Low Rider using the DHM-108 woofers 
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