The insert serves as the speaker baffle.  
Your speaker is mounted to it before the insert is installed in the box.



Here is the insert shown installed into the box.



And here is an exploded view of the box showing the insert




And a transparent view of the fully assembled box.



Obviously, the woofer can be installed onto the insert prior to installing the insert in the box. Once installed, the lid is pressed into place and the box is ready to tune. 

Tuning this enclosure simply requires installing it into your car (on its side) and setting the insert in the approximate center of the box followed by playing music at low levels and adjusting the position of the insert for the desired (or most) bass. Once a position has been determined for the insert, the insert is permanently installed by screwing it into place from the sides of the box. Also, a thin bead of sealant should be placed around the outside edge of the insert to stop any possible air leaks.




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