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03/29/15 at 22:00:47

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New Decware Speakers! (Read 17844 times)
Steve Deckert

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New Decware Speakers!
05/29/14 at 04:40:04
We have updated our speaker pages on the site and added some new speakers!

You can find the page here:


The page is divided into two categories:  Stocked Speakers and Custom Built Speakers.

The stocked speakers we are trying to keep in inventory so that we can ship within one to four weeks.  The custom speakers will take longer as they always have.  

Inevitably you will ask yourself why we chose the speakers we did for the Stocked models.  The answer is simply that after 15 years of selling all the models that we offer, these were the most popular based on results.  That means they are the most likely to work with the amplifier you like and sound good in the room you have.

You'll also notice that this is really ONE speaker that can be configured THREE ways.

In any case, please feel free to look it over and post your questions in the forums for each individual speaker model.

Thanks and happy listening!

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