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05/19/19 at 18:02:26 


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Has anyone else built or bought one of these? (Read 52 times)
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Has anyone else built or bought one of these?
05/10/19 at 23:56:57
I have been following Decware for many years and love that they still support the DIY side of the audio hobby even though it probably doesn't make them as much money.  I built a  Decware Deathbox sub in college and later a pair of SE84C clones that I love. They don't get much playtime with a child and no dedicated listening space.  This looks like a fun project!  If anyone else has tried this, please let me know.  Any tips?  How does it sound?  What did you pair it with?
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Re: Has anyone else built or bought one of these?
Reply #1 - 05/11/19 at 22:21:13
Decware has proven that they are a tube loving group as only one Zkit60 has been sold to date.  Quite a surprise to everyone involved.  The amp itself sounds wonderful, nothing less would be allowed on the Decware site.  The same amplifier, assembled and in a different chassis (not as nice - much smaller heat sinks), is selling quite well under the SET120 name on the Audio by VanAlstine web site.  The same basic design has also inspired a higher power SET400 and a fully differential  SET600 mono block.

The only tip I have is buy your own chassis, more than likely from China on Ebay.  This will get you what you want (0, 1, or 2 volume controls) and save you some shipping.  The original chassis is here:

If you prefer a smaller chassis, a "2412" style can also be used, but is a little tighter inside and requires the PCB's to be mounted "mirror image" (one up side down) on the heat sinks so there is room for the transformer:

If you build one and it fails to work it can be sent to me for repair at a reasonable rate.

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