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05/19/19 at 17:58:15 


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The "first-watt" theory (Read 175 times)
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The "first-watt" theory
03/18/19 at 15:31:53
Steve has made a believer out of me. It's been a year since the little Zen arrived and it continues to deliver in every way .. tone, scale, weight, dynamics, delicacy .. all of it, with just 2 gorgeous wpc. Still, at times, it surprises me. When I started down the SET/high-efficiency path I had high hopes, especially within the budget I set. My system is on the lower-end of the spectrum compared to many and, suffice it to say, I've proven to myself high fidelity can be achieved with careful/thoughtful gear selection. I'm so very thankful to Steve and his team for producing gear for the not-so-wealthy music lovers like me.

With such a great experience under my belt I often ponder why more audiophiles don't go down the SET/high-efficiency path. Seems a shame the "first-watt" theory isn't more widely embraced. I have no doubt plenty of folks know of it by the forum chatter I see on occasion. It's a mystery to me. Nonetheless, I will continue to share my experience when the opportunity arises. Back to the music.

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