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06/18/19 at 09:59:26 


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Long time lurker needs advice (Read 762 times)
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Long time lurker needs advice
12/22/18 at 07:18:43
Long time lurker here. I posted a introduction some time ago, but I forgot my password and, well you know how that goes. So I reregistered and started a new profile.
I need some advice.
I've been wanting a reel to reel deck and space is limited. I've been looking at the Pioneer RT-707. It seems like a good deck, with lots of support and it would fit my needs. It is a really good looking machine to boot.
So on to my questions. Would I be better off buying one that is completely restored by a reputable shop, or taking a chance and getting a "working" one off of eBay or another auction site. It looks like decent ones on auction sites have sold for around $500, while restored ones go for about 1300 to 1500 bucks.
Also connecting it to my preamp? Can it go directly  into one of the input RCAs of the preamp. (Rogue RP1) or do I need a preamp stage for it. If so, could I use the phono pre in the Rogue for the deck since I am using a ZP3 and not the internal phono stage. That would save me the money on upgrading the ZP3.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks and Happy Holidays. John
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Re: Long time lurker needs advice
Reply #1 - 12/22/18 at 13:00:55
Welcome back 707.  

Seems your timing is impeccable.  Have you seen this one that just went up for sale in the classifieds here?  

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