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12/18/18 at 21:12:41


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B&W PX HD wireless headsets. (Read 132 times)
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B&W PX HD wireless headsets.
12/01/18 at 15:17:41
Everyone....Bowers and Wilkins just came out with new wireless headphones that have the new AptX HD codec with BT 4.1.

Here is the link....


I believe there are select Android phones and devices that have the AptX HD codec, but Apple does not ( they use their proprietary W1 chip).

So for me.... I have a BT audio transmitter that I use for my TV and/or Dac but only does AptX...so it only gets me 1/2 way to hear Hi Res audio coming out of a Dac if I use my current transmitter.

Here is the transmitter I am currently using...


For inquiring minds here is the info on AptX HD which claims to be indistinguishable from Hi Res Audio...


Personally Id love to try and buy an APTX HD chip and jailbreak my current device. Grin. Or.....just buy this....


While I know most here on the forum are true wired headphone guys....the use of Hi Res streamed audio is compelling to me since I like to wear headphones around the house while doing projects, cooking dinner, cleaning, etc etc.

So...for those who want to hear HD/Hi Res audio via wireless headsets.....all you need to do is pick up the B&W PX headsets, and the new transmitter that I linked above and connect it to the output of your Dac!!  [I plan to call the company to see that my aforementioned statement is possible without any issues.]

Yes....Hi Res audio streamed wirelessly will never replace the SQ of Hi Res audio transmitted via XLR, but the flexibility of being mobile is nice. It would allow me to continue to listen to music while I get up to grab a nice single malt scotch or my favorite XO cognac. Smiley

While I was gonna pick up the new PX headsets for XMas, I am already getting the Teac NT 505 Dac (which is expensive as it is) and getting both is more than I wanted to spend right now. Ill probably pick up the headsets for the summer.

Just some food for thought....Stay Tuned!!

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