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04/18/19 at 21:40:16 


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Rachel and Klipsch KG4? (Read 648 times)
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Rachel and Klipsch KG4?
11/05/18 at 21:21:09

Is anyone playing Rachel through Klipsch KG4 speakers? Impressions?

I listen at low to moderate volumes to classic, jazz, instrumental and some prog rock.

Thank you!
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Re: Rachel and Klipsch KG4?
Reply #1 - 11/10/18 at 15:49:35
Boris - I have a Rachael but never had it and my Klipsch at the same time. I do know that my 2 watt Zen amp drove our towers (RF-8's??) fine and the KG4 is a much better speaker. Decware gear will allow you to hear the weakest link, so keep that in mind. Keep us posted on your progress with your system and happy listening, Chris.
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