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05/19/19 at 15:48:06 


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Blue Torii Upgrade question (Read 1059 times)
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Blue Torii Upgrade question
10/02/18 at 19:10:53
Greetings,  I have a Blue Torii-A dual mono amp. Original owner. Bought it when it first came out back in 2004.  I'm thinking of sending it in for some upgrades. Hazen mod, beeswax caps Maybe even a UFO transformer?
Anyone have any thoughts?


Greg W.
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Re: Blue Torii Upgrade question
Reply #1 - 10/24/18 at 16:22:43
Hey Greg,

These are tried and true improvements with other amps, so your thought makes sense to me. I seem to remember transformer matching was a challenging part of the Blue Torii??? Makes me wonder if you can do the UFO thing or not, but why not call Steve and ask what he would recommend and costs? He may have some other things to recommend as well.
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